can’t deal with it anymore.
best and worst thing that happened to me.
feel like i can’t even connect anymore since schiz.
medication has been weened on now at the max and remembering everything.
life’s pretty sh#t right now but it is good at the same time.
all im doing is smoking, drinking and playing music. i feel like i’m reliving my life from 4-20.
and even remembering some things that happened recently when i never could before.
this medication is a miracle or i’m having on going flash backs with ptsd from my illness.

F#CK i lost so much sh#t.

I lost a ton too, but think about it - at some point we’re all going to be elderly or beyond our youth forms and won’t have much to do anyway besides eating & sleeping.

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thanks mistercollie

I enjoy isolation, though. Humanity has caused me too much grief, making lonely times enjoyable to me. Not sure how to be more supportive.

I’m more isolated than I wish to be . . .


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A guy goes in to see a psychiatrist. He says, “Doc, I can’t seem to make any friends. Can you help me, you fat slob?”


@Jayster That made me chuckle. I’m very isolated. Hardly see anyone. Am ambivalent about it ie get spells of feeling lonely and wanting company v getting anxious if people get too close to me. I guess I want a platonic friend who doesn’t get too personal. I think isolation puts you out of touch with interacting with people which heightens difficulty with making friends which keeps the isolation going. It’s a vicious circle.
Of course it doesn’t help if like me you have always had difficulty making friends.


hamster :hamster: hug
take care :alien:

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I isolated for a long time slowly getting back out there is uncomfortable. I was thinking about it today is isolation giving up? What medicine are you taking?

I tend to shy away from other people and seek isolation, but if I get too much isolation I can get a little schizy. It seems like my times of worst sickness always followed a prolonged period of isolation.

When I’ve isolated too long and want it to end, I’m stuck with the inertia of staying in. Listening to Mozart changes that.


I isolated for a while there, now I’m forced to socialize in school, feels kinda nice actually

Isolation brings me down.
The front door will appear much larger than it should, the time on the clocks speed unnaturally fast, then reverse until they seem to stop.
The challenge of the day becomes locating enough appropriate clothes complete with shoes to venture outside without getting starred at by "them."
Then if I do get outside before all the stores close and people have gone to bed, I have to have all the items needed to
accomplish the errand before it becomes another casualty of my disorganization.
It scares me how fast it can spiral out of control.

Both my psychiatrist and therapist are always concerned about my social activity, and whether I’m getting enough of it.

Although I’m often tempted to spend long periods of time alone, I do find–like some of the other posters–that isolation has some really negative side-effects for me, like feeling like people are judging me or looking down on me.

When I spend time with friends, though, I’m reminded of all the ways that I’m “normal.” It’s something I haven’t had during times of isolation: instead of focusing on how I’m different and my deficiencies, socializing often helps me feel like it’s okay to be me and the way I am, and like people can actually like me and appreciate who I am. It’s so easy to lose that connection and to feel like I’m no good when I don’t have those interactions…

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I can defiently relate to this for basically 10 or more years I’ve isolated myself due to anxiety and paranoia in public it use to scare me to be so isolated, now I’m kinda use to it I do get lonely sometimes but I grateful I’ve got family and a mate who calls in. It’s tough man I found a hobbie in painting unfortunately I have two other hobbies smoking and drinking alcohol ATM I’m going through a bottle of vodka day and that scares me too. I think I’ll always be in recluse and despite the alcohol abuse I’m ok with that. I hope u find some solace man :v:

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