So what did u manage today?

not a whole lot for me today. felt like a zombie till 1pm then suddenly i was consumed with energy and happiness and i don’t have any idea why…weird! i took my son to school, did two loads of dishes, two clothes washes and two dries, cooked dinner, took the dogs to the woods, picked my son up and tookmy daughter to her vocational job and wrote some of my story (fiction) i have a feeling i’m going to b up all night unless i drug myself stupid. is this what mania is like? everything at a hundred miles per hour? if it is then i like it!

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Mania sounds like a double-edged sword to me.

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If you’re doing everything carefully, I’d say you’re ok but if you’re zany and wreckful you’re likely to mess up I’d so no.
As for me, I finally got my car out from under the snow and on the road today - with the help of the provider’s husband and one of the housemates. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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I’ve been trying to manage my tongue, or typing fingers.

I had two classes today and I studied for an exam tomorrow. Can’t believe I already have an exam, its more like a test though, it only covers one chapter.


good luck with ur test hunni. xxx

I managed to hurt my hands a bit from punching a door,flipped a table over and broke it,slashed a bit of a blind off and blood on my walls.

Woke up at a normal hour for the first time in about a week. Cut my hair. Took a shower. A relatively productive day for me. That seems sad.

Well it tells me you feel like freshening up which is very good.

Thanks, it felt good.

I got up, took a shower, went to my pdoc - she is keeping me at 25mg Lamictal, I am grateful for this. I did some cleaning up around the house - good day


I went to see my new therapist, she was okay i guess.

Rested, swam, saw some of Vancouver, scared a waiter, found a coffee house that wasn’t Starbucks. Ended up watching the water and not seeing any fog.

I took my meds, went to school, and took a psychology test online–got 100%. I also have to clean out my cat’s litter box, and finish feeding her for the day. Tomorrow I will do laundry.

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Have you ever done classes on-line? This is my first time doing them. I got transferred out of my campus classes into on-line classes so I didn’t miss out due to all the health problems and surgery.

I’m still wrapping my head around this concept. It’s not easier or harder, it’s just different.

I never have. They offer a ton of them in the psych program here though

Sent messages online dating, updated business website, ate, chatted with family, blogged, listened to music, missed an appointment, running out of Nicorette gum (1 piece left), bought 2 Mtg cards, fairly good :smile:

Have to get ready to go home tomorrow. But today I spent almost 3 hours in the pool. It was so warm. I really am lucky for the ability to still enjoy swimming. Then I fell asleep in the bath.

The kid sis and I hug out and talked as well.

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Went to work today and to a thrift store afterwards. Looking for uniforms for work. Interested in fashion these days. Also looking forward to learn how to oil paint.

Took a shower, paid some bills and gave the dogs there heartworm preventive medicine this morning. This afternoon Yosemite and I went to the nursing home to visit. Afterward went and had a early supper at the new Mexican restaurant in town. It’s the best Mexican restaurant in town. It’s also the only Mexican restaurant in town. I hope it makes it not to many choices to pick from for such a big town. They have almost a thousand people living there.

From the country Ridgerunner