What i did today. how did u do

i took the doogies to the woods, ran the dishwasher twice, did two loads of washing and drying, cleaned the kitchen, picked up the poo, cleaned the hob, went shopping, took out the rubbish and tried my hand at internet banking. all this was done late afternoon/evening as i had a migraine during the day. i feel a little better about myself knowing that i achieved at least these things today. how did u do?

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Caught up on some much needed sleep, made some telephone calls, vacuumed.

@jaynebeal I am always amazed by the sheer amount you get done in a day. I think you are amazing. There is no way I can do all that in day.
Because of previous projects and some extended hours here and there I only had to do a half-day at work today. It was nice.

Got home and began brooding on my family problem and the bad news I got. Then I took some drastic action that I feel a bit bad about.

I have some making up to do. I have a feeling this is not going to work out the way I plan. Other then that I went for a swim, went to the library and now I have some soup stewing for my sis and I to have for dinner. She gets got of work 20 minutes ago and should be home in about 5 minutes.

I’m almost a 30 year old man. I hate it when I go off half cocked and act like a 15 year old brat. But I did it again.

don’t be so hard on your self, your family is going through difficult times, and in my limited capacity as a professional sz, you and your family are doing an amazing job coping with it all.
take care


Thank you for that. I still feel bad when it happens. It will work out, but I didn’t help the situation much. But breathe and try not to do it again.

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u amaze me too james as u have a job which is something i couldnt do right now, especially on top of the housewrok and looking after the kids. xxx

I left the house 6 times today to do 3things. A lot harder than I thought to accomplish 3 simple things.
That’s all I did today, yet my entire hardwood floors got swept and mopped, garbage taken out, dishes washed, all 4 litter boxes cleaned.
Viva mi esposo!

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I got 6 teeth pulled and 6 bone grafts. Came home and went to sleep. Cooked microwave scrambled eggs for the first time.

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Sounds like the makings of a Fairy Tale.

I sorted a large stack of mail from months ago and found a 2800+ check that expires in 3 days. Woohoo!


Wow pob, that’s sounds like a very tough day, you must be very strong!

Wooohooo! Time to check out the sales!

It wasn’t that bad. I’m good at being patient so I just sat in the chair while they did the work. The hardest part is having to leave off Iced tea with lemon for awhile.

r u having implants? xxx

2 implants and a bridge.

Curious, why no iced tea with lemon?

Your husband lives.

Am I translating that right? Or is my spanish still off?

Iced tea with no lemon… I could only imagine how bland that would taste, but I could imagine how much lemon would hurt on any sores. Good luck POB and I hope you feel better soon.

They said no foods with acid. Today they said I could drink the iced tea and then some water. So I’m happier.

J is right. How about lemon juice in a cut -

it was a real struggle to stay ‘with it’ at our night out with the group, i havent felt this bad for a long time,
it was so difficult,

i managed to stay ‘with it’ somehow but i think people could tell maybe that i was not my usual self, i was very nervous and i was trying to talk to people but it felt like something was wrong, despite this i managed to talk to some people and didnt leave, i was afraid i might have to go or would freak out but i didnt want to miss it and i didnt want to let our group down,

i am glad i did it now though because i think i know were i am at now and i just hope this isnt permanent, i cant feel like this all the time because if i keep feeling like this everything might start crumbling and that is the worst thing that could happen,

we had a nice meal tho and it was very healthy and i would like to eat more of it instead of burgers and pizza etc.

i think it might be the time change and the lighter nights as well but i’m not sure.

Si J. It means Hurray for my husband! He actually likes to clean!

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