So what did u do today

after nearly two weeks in bed with a migraine it finally lifted today. my mum came over and took the dogs to the woods for me and then we set about cleaning and tidying downstairs. i did the sweeping and mopping and the washing and drying, sorted out the paperwork and cooked a dinner. i’m hoping that tomorrow is a better day and i can b more productive around the house, starting with a shower, epilation and cleaning the bathroom, put another wash on, a dry on and take the dogs to the woods myself. if i wake at 6 i’m going to do the shopping b4 the crowds get there. but its nearly half two now…hm maybe i’ll just stay up and sleep after i’ve been shopping. so what did u do today?

Absolutely nothing. My negative symptoms were acting up again.

Went and paid an overdue bill so our TV and internet doesn’t get shut off (the guy without a job has to do this, whatever). Went to my dad’s shop and watched the place for a while because he got into a car wreck (he’s okay). Now I’m watching doomsday asteroid stuff on youtube.

worked out with a friend, watching anime again…I’m always watching anime or working out

hmm the apathy is the worst huh. i get that a lot. there’s so much i could be doing but i can’t seem to force myself to do it. i’ve had two weeks off, now i’m ready to start doing things again. i’ll probably have a few days of manic activity and then nothing for the next week. wish i could be active all the time.

I did a few chores around the apartment, like take out the trash. I took care of the animals, my partner’s little sister is obsessed with our mali uromastyx so i tried to get them one from a reptile classified page on facebook. They decided that she can just handle ours which bothers me since he needs to be under his heat bulb. I went out shopping today which took a great deal of convincing from my partner.

my wife and i saved a galah ( a type of bird in australia ) from a barbed wire fence, it flew off unharmed , YEAH !!
take care


Slept all day. Unusual for me.

How big is a galah??

I went and filled out medical paperwork with my husband, lost my cat-he ran outside when the door got opened and as of 12:45AM hasn’t come back inside. :frowning: he isn’t fixed yet, was a stray we just got inside-he is about 8 months old…I keep looking for him. We picked up a few items at the grocery store, then went to my mom’s who is still nursing a broken wrist. After dinner at her house, I emailed a letter for her. She just located a half sister she has never met.

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Yesterday my sis and I babysat for a friend and took the baby swimming during Tot-Time. The baby loved the water and got really excited and then slept for HOURS after. I finished all my homework for school and got it posted by the dead line. I am getting ready for work on Monday.

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I had an awesome day my nieces (Ms4&Ms15) are both staying with us for the weekend! I went to Eumundi for a couple of days last week so had some chores around the house to do. Went for a swim, and played with the dogs had waffle cones (ice cream) and listened to Pete Murray, Simply red, Kate Bush, Darren Hayes, etc etc , scrabble and journaled!


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i had a good day but it is strange, in the morning sweep came over and i took the bins out then we went for a drink at the cafe, she had a small hot chocolate and i wanted something new so i tried a vanilla iced cooler thing which is basically a kind of milkshake

i think then i wanted to check out a housing development in the off chance i might get placed there, so we went into the development and the woman there let us look at a couple of show homes, the homes looked amazing but they were very boring and far too clean lol (i like it a bit rough around the edges) lol.

came home and then i was looking at the local paper and apparently there are some homes available in that development that i might be eligible for and the standard of housing looks amazing, we had brochures with the plans and a couple of pics of it but i am hopeful and doubtful about it at the same time, my housing officer dropped a name and location for me and this is what i have found out, the thing is that i am only one person and i might get charged bedroom tax and maybe i couldn’t cover the rent but this is all just hearsay just now and i dont want to get ahead of my station,

i am a bit worried about talking to my housing officer about it as i think she might not like me phoning all the time but i really need to phone her and i dont know what i am going to say.

i know i have said i sometimes think i would like to be homeless and this is true but at the same time i want to start a family with someone and this would be the perfect apartment.

maybe i am just dreaming (as usual) lol

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My day sucked.

I heard voices for about 4 hours. Total pain.

Feeling better now that I can vent on this board about it.

Today the baby got taken back to her family and I am so sad about that. So, I’m sitting in bed and I’m a little mad at my sister for giving the baby back to that family.

I can understand that, (Ms4&Ms15) go between their dads and our place through out the months weeks etc, I always find it sad when they go.


about the size of a crow, they are a bit like a parrot and pink and grey in colour , they are very beautiful and very noisey birds. they are like the clowns of the sky.
take care

My voices came back again after one year. I have been hearing voices for 6 years. I turn on my Tv or Radio I hear double sounds. These is a guy sounds live next to me but, It sounds so real. He hate me so much. I tried to tell myself it is not real because my next door neighbor has hose next to me and also other house in different state. She come back sometimes, but I do not see her cars. there is so many times I want to stand infront of her house to see if the voice I hear came from there. Oh, well…I am scare so I never do that. plus I do not want other ppl think that I am a stranger. The only time my voice will leave me alone, only if I am asleep. Luckly, they let me sleep. As long as I do not move around the house he will not get mad. If I am not on my bed he will yelling at sometihng and his Girlfreind will called me names. I go to work 5 days a week every time my meds is not working I am depress and really do not want to go to work. I want to stay on my bed all day and to make sure they will not yelling at me. Tomorrow is Sunday I will stay on my bed.I was going to stay on my bed all day,but my co-worker has a baby shower at her house and I am the only one from my company showed up. I had to go out. I am so tired right now. I am fighting my voice. Rodio is on and they still talking loud. Sometimes I wish I can just end my life, but I have bills to pay and I can nt let my family take over my own bills. I feel bad for them. I want to stay alive as long as I can. I even wish I can die when I am sleep.

Today is Saturday. I slept in. Then I went to the bank and deposited a check in the ATM. I stopped by Jack-in-the Box on the way home and got a coke. I came home and worked on my paper for school and then cleaned out my glove box in my car and the floors. I didn’t get any mail today which is rare, I like getting mail even if it’s just credit card offers or charities asking for donations. I get a lot of those, but I don’t mind; I have about 30 sheets of address labels and about 8 or 9 pads of paper that charities put in their letters to me. I have enough address labels to last me years. The paper goes fast though.
Now I’m waiting for my groceries to be delivered.

What charities do you donate to? They send me nothing when I make a donation. :sunny: