What did you do today?

what did I do? I mowed my lawn, bought some paint so I could paint my front door. I painted the foundation of the house a brick red, plus I’ve painted the grill, the mailbox, and decorative items like a bell my parents used to call me home back in the day before we had cell phones.

I repaired teh front door, removed rust, and getting ready to paint it a beautiful blue color, it’s currently a black wrought iron front door but the salt in the winter has damaged it.

I had a baby racoon in my tree yesterday, we put out a trap, but it bypassed the trap and has disappeared.

i’ve also been washing and de-rusting my lawn furniture so I can paint it.

I planted some hydrangeas, and bought some acid stuff to add to the soil so they turn blue.

i have a sore throat, caught the flu from my neighbor I suspect. do I sound Schizophrenic. no.


You make me tired just reading about what you’ve done in the day, where do you find your energy?

You definitely sound unmedicated. If it lasts maybe you could find some normal people to talk to.

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i’m not ‘medicated’ but I take mestinon. that’s an mg drug, not considered an antipsychotic as far as I know, first drug that has actually helped my situation.

yes i have been psychotic, and no, none of that stuff helped me. i think i drained all the acetycholine out of my brain, that was my problem

Have you been depressed? Your activity today sounds like it could be manic. Or maybe that is normal for you.

Your life is way to good. Dial it back a bit.
( Please send the excess over to me. Thank You. )

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Sounds like you went for the gusto today. I’m sorry you caught the flu. Please take care of yourself. Today was payday at my part-time job. Yay. I went to the bank and the store. Well, I only picked up a few things. Tomorrow I will shop to get food. Oh boy!

I know! I feel that way too, I’m in a great place, and no , i’m not schizophrenic, life is good, i’m about ready to delete my account, but I’m going to the NIH for a schizphrenia study.

i know I had a psychosis, i was there. but its over! I am the luckiest person here on the forum! I own a house, have a great little dog, and I have more painting to do tomorrow, not waste my time doing this! :blush:

Wow, that’s a lot. I would have to be manic to do that. I hung out with some family and did a bad job of it. Then, went grocery shopping in a horrible mood with what I’m sure was a horrible look on my face. Got stared down by a guy who looked like he wanted to kick my ass, but I stared back so that didn’t last long (I don’t normally do that). I don’t think it’s always my paranoid imagination when I get looked at funny. Can’t hide my craziness.

That was the color we painted our front porch when we lived back in the house. it went well with our red door. I also had a red bedroom, lol guess you could tell red’s my favorite color. Oddly enough it was one of my two high school colors as well…red and white. But back in high school my favorite color was blue.

The only positive thing I can think of was the one thing I didn’t do, hurt myself, or get sick. I’m feeling better now though than I had all day. It’s a shame it’s time for bed for me. Oh well hopefully I"ll be just fine when I wake up.

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yesterday i did a lot, i have been watching my mums dog and taking it out everywhere 3-4 times a day, and i drove to a shopping centre and back as well as sweeps house and also drove to a garden centre and back and then at night i visited my dad who is in the hospital so all in all a very eventful day.

today i am going to visit my dad again in the hospital

Were you diagnosed with schizophrenia by a psychiatrist? Why dont you go to another psychiatrist and get a second opinion? or even a third one? I mean I am sure there are people on here that like your posts and find you interesting, but if you feel as if you dont have SZ why are you here? I mean I am sure you are welcome here regardless, but if you make remarks like the one above, it just does not sound at least supportive. I am pretty sure this is a site for people diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental illness similar to schizophrenia and those that may not have SZ, but are supportive - do you fit into any one of those categories? Unless on some level you do feel as if you have SZ, but are in denial


i’ve been to 2 neurologists, and they both said no, not today. no Sz.

many of you really don’t sound Sz either, I think people just like to sit around and talk about it, your pdocs all have you brainwashed I guess.

I am sorry this does not sound supportive, and therefore the burning question continues to surface - Why are you here?


Last night I went to a bar with some friends and then to one of their houses where we swam and they played beer pong and I didnt. I got pulled over on the way back for not moving over for a cop car (at like 3am) and I was just given a warning. He asked me if I had been drinking and I was like “I had to beers at 9pm” and he was like “nothing else” and I was like “no sir” so he was pretty cool. I was so tired, I slept from 4 to 12 Im just having a coffee now. Then its time for breakfast and meds. Yay.

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Wife switched jobs so we are packing to move. Trying to build new Web sites for my photo/video/DJ biz. Planning photography courses to teach later this summer once we’re in new town. Pricing out the fixes we found the new home needs as a result of the property inspection (nothing major, but I have to learn how to put a new trap in the sink myself).


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i had a pretty uneventful day. My paranoia was a little crazy today but my morning meds helped with that. I was able to take a shower after several days of intense fear and paranoia. I also did the dishes and fed my lizard his greens for the day. I thought about taking him out on his harness and letting him get some natural sunlight but the ground is too wet and muddy so maybe another day. @NiceHat its nice and good for you for not being diagnosed with sz or sza or any related disease but please keep opinions of other’s diagnoses for yourself.

Nice hat, why do you post on this board. You give people bad advise telling us that our pdoctors have us brain wash when they are really helping us. If I didn’t take my meds. I wouldn’t beable to function


Wow. That was quite the swipe. Owning a home does not make the person. A person can be SZ free and not have much to show in the way of accomplishments. Or you can have SZ and still live a rich life while earning the acclaim of those around you. And I would certainly not call lending an ear and some support to others in your community a waste of time.

It’s great that your diagnosis is not SZ/SZA, but the nature of your post suggests you do indeed carry some sort of diagnosis, possibly not a nice one.

Best of luck in the future.



I have two houses and three great large dogs. I also have more painting to do tomorrow.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner