So what did u manage today?

Threw my smelly self into the shower, waited hand-over-foot on my sick wife, went and got food, and refilled two prescriptions. Tomorrow will be a hectic day for sure. Lots of driving and fighting traffic.

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I managed to make a complete mess of the whole day. Going to bed early -

Today I took my meds, took a shower, did two loads of laundry, took an online psychology quiz–got 90% darnit, fed my cat, and I’m just about to clean out her litter box. I also have to read a paper for my Intro to Ethics course. It’s six pages, and I’m planning on reading it at least twice, as that is how much I need to read something in order to really remember much of it.

I cut off most of the center lower part of a plastic coat hanger, thus leaving two hooks at each end, and I then use it to hang my shoes rather than causing salt stains to end up on the small carpet in the entrance door area.

I got tired of cleaning that carpet.

paliperidone palmitate injection is what I am taking.

As long as you’re not too high I wouldn’t worry about it., unless you have corresponding down times. Then you might think about taking lithium.

i changed my bed, loaded the dishwasher 3 times, did a bit of laundry. did the food shopping, tidied the bathroom. i’m just taking a lil break then i will sort the dirty washing into lights, whites and darks, empty the drier, sort the clothes into their owners piles and those to iron, put a dry on and cook a chilli con carne…and of course max’s dinner too.

Hi there, thanks for responding to my post. Abilify is good treatment, thanks for sharing that info. Are you from the united states? If so, how much did each injection cost you before you started on Abilify?

Hi there, thanks for responding to my post. Abilify is good treatment, thanks for sharing that info. Are you from the united states? If so, how much did each injection cost you before you started on Abilify?

Not much, cooked, emptied the dishwasher, had a bath… husband drove us to mum’s to tackle a printer problem
over ate
couldn’t do anything else so tired,

busy week ahead

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Where I’m sitting today it’s clear and cold. My sis and I went to my favorite part of old town and we hit the farmers market. So glad the apple farm people were out and selling hot cider… it was so cold out today.

I tried to do a spot of gardening… I wanted to put some mulch cover down over the flower patch and get the rose bushes ready to blanket and winterize. After just 20 minutes… my fingers started to ache and tingle… so I had to come in and warm up.

It’s so bright and sunny out… I keep thinking I should be outside… but ouch… too cold. :cold_sweat:

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no hunni, i’m from the uk and treatment here is free under the national health service. doing ok on abilify right now, though it hasn’t done anything for voices and that was the only reason i started it to be honest. but for you it may be completely different. i know some people that call it a wonder drug, others it has given them terrible paranoia and agitation. good luck, whatever you decide to do.

today i did two wash loads of clothes, in a mo it will be three, then a load of drying, loaded the dishwasher, took out the rubbish, picked up the poo, made baguettes in the oven for Maxim, went shopping. sent a card to my neice and i’m just about to chuck Maxim in the shower then comb his hair through as someone has given him nits…again…sigh. i’d let him do it himself but being part jamaican, he has a LOT of hair. it’s shoulder length spiral curls and he can’t section it properly himself so it’s another job for mumma. then he’s off to bed after that. i also downloaded some free design software so that i can get my ideas out of my head and onto the page. will take a look at it tomorrow as it’s 10.26pm here and Max’s hair will take at least 45 minutes to do a proper job, plus his 20 minute shower…while he’s in there i have to unload the dishwasher and sort the clean washing into whose is who’s. then i’m going torelax after i’ve done his hair and hopefully fall asleep :slight_smile:

They say being a housewife is equivalent to working a full-time job.

pfft! lol when you have a job your day finishes at 5.30pm. when you’re a mother you’re on call 24/7 and work from the second they open their eyes in the morning be it 3am or 9am, asking for food, drink, washing, teeth cleaning, wiping arses, changing nappies, bottle feeding, being a nurse when they’re sick, washing clothes, ironing, taking them to school, dance classes, football, to a friend’s, picking them u from all of the above, changing bed sheets when they wake you at 3am to tell you they’ve wet the bed, making them food three or four times a day, dealing with the school, dr, dentist, nurse…christ, i could go on and on lol. you don’t get paid in money. you get paid in hugs and smiles and it’s priceless. :slight_smile:

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Dr. Phil said it is the equivalent of working TWO full-time jobs, but I thought he was exaggerating. Maybe he’s right.

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It is two full time jobs, the morning shift and the night shift.
Jaynebeal is right, the only difference is, you don’t get a paycheck, and you can’t clock out!

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went to church, was amazing despite some physical problems but new spray helped,
then i spoke to my landlord as he was showing the new person around
then i went to my mums for a couple of hours then i stopped in at my sisters
came home and had a bowl of soup for dinner with some bread, then had some gaviscon and then went to bed for an hour and i felt amazing and now i still feel pretty good, hoping that it will last,

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I wasn’t sure where I was walking to. Stopped at the thrift store + bought a colored glass hanging. Ate a chicken nugget meal at McD’s. It was awful, went on to the used book store half a mile from home + got a good book with my credit, got half-way home + discovered my wallet was missing, went back to the used book store - someone had found it on the sidewalk outside. Continued home, rested in a little park + got back home. The glass hanging in fits my bathroom window.

apart from last night when i got 4 hours sleep, i had 3 and a half hours for the three days before that. why? because i was doing my “job” as a mother to a troubled teenager. he’s 15 years old. think of that…15 years with little or no sleep. that’s one child. i also have a daughter who has chronic fatigue syndrome among a host of phobias and nueroses. between them, i average, on a good week about 3 or four hours a night and not all in one go. usually they get easier to deal with once they hit 19 or 20 years old…only another 2 and a bit years to go for my daughter and 4 or 5 years to go for my son. csummers is right. you work the day shift, then the night shift. if you are lucky and you have robots for kids then you get an easy life but children are individuals with their own character and idiosyncrises. they all need taking care of 24/7 for at least the first 13 years. then if you’re lucky they actually start to want to do certain things for themselves…of course that doesn’t involve washing, ironing, cleaning any part of the house including their rooms unless you’ve made them do it, walking anywhere that you could take them in the car, unless you buy them a nice new shiny bike, nor does it involve mowing the lawn…infact what it does involve is making as much bloody mess as possible with new independent projects that you pay for lol…but you know what? i wouldn’t give them back…as difficult as my son is, he’s also sensitive, caring and compassionate…well some of the time anyway and my daughter is the same. yeah…it’s worth it :smile: