So... The voices never stop?

I’m pretty upset. It’s getting old. My voices are very patterned, affecting me most when I’m alone. Which I pretty much am. These voices want me to kill myself/them. Having trouble gauging just how sentient they are or what they experience. I know for one thing they experience my thoughts. I should probably stop treating them like separate beings in my head, but that is what it feels like. There is just this one main nagging persistent voice that If I could just be rid of I would feel a lot better. It just really sucks you know, that the brain can’t detect something is wrong and heal up. I mean I just don’t get it and neither does modern science. I’m done with delusions, done thinking people are telepathic, I mean I still experience telepathy but it is less frequent and I can tell it is me who triggers it. So now I’m just voice hearer… Which sucks all the same. I wish they had a place here with those electric wands that can manipulate the brain’s electrical patterns. It would be great if they could shut down that part of my brain. It’s ■■■■■■■■ that I have to live with this, but you all already know that.

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Have you ever considered ECT? It really helped me with my psychosis. I rarely hear voices but I see things, have delusions, paranoia, and thought blocking and it has stopped everything. It’s not like the old days. You’re asleep the whole time and wake up feeling very pleasant. I would also suggest talking to your doctor and switching meds. You shouldn’t have to live with that. Good luck to you.

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I will have to look into ECT. I like the meds I’m on they are cheap. Maybe a “brief seizure” is all it would take to knock this stupid voice out. I bet if I went deaf I’d still hear this guy. That would be hell.

If you kill yourself what was the point of the meds? You would have spent your money for nothing.
Things can get better. Let your doctor shake up the chemicals. See what happens. What’s the point of money if you have no quality of life?

I’m not gonna kill myself. It’s just I’ve got a lot to figure out. Like how to live, even focus, with this illness. I’m looking into to getting rTMS maybe that’ll quiet these stupid redundant bastards.

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What’s that?

repetative transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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I do not hear voices anymore. Mine changed to tactile. But, I have been completely delusional for quite some time, as I cannot seem to believe that it is not really happening. I have decided to talk to my doc about new meds. I understand when you say it never stops as neither does mine. Yes, it completely sucks. But, for me, suicide is not an option. I want to live and I hope that you feel this way as well. But just in case I reach a point of unexpected desperation, my doctor helped me to develop a plan to prevent follow through. I hope that you also have " a plan ", as having one somehow has given me comfort just in case the ( for lack of better words ) “desire” for suicide comes back.

the negative voices are annoying to put it midly, mine have been quiet for a while now, but you can still have a life, get married, have a job , do fun things, laugh, see the beauty in nature…
lots of people have to deal with far worse stuff in my opinion…e.g wheelchairs, being blind , deaf, partially paralzsed, the list is endless…
i know a young girl , she is 23 she has had chronic chrones since birth plus other stuff, her life is rubbish…i’d rather be sz.
take care

Yeah man there are worse things, but still it’s really stupid I have voices in my head and there is no way to really stop them.

i agree, but my negative voices have not happened for a while now ,i still see them but no volume, so i guess there is hope.
take care

yes the answer is risperdone… al though the spys r there q.q

I’m already on respiridone so no luck there.

That right there is a very insightful statement. Very cool. looking at the voices differently and realizing that they are part of your thoughts is a very hard thing to do. It took me ages to get a handle on this and realize that it wasn’t from outside my head, it was all in my head. All my fears, my secrets, my lack of confidence was what my voices were saying. It wasn’t from the outside. It was part of my brain. My internal dialogue run amok.

As far as how to kill the voices. I still have mine. I’ve taken CBT and worked with how to ignore them, get around them, carry on despite them. As the years have passed, they have faded. If I am alone mine amp up too. But when I’m busy, I’m too busy to listen to them and they muffle and die down.

I’m even loosing voices. I had quiet a few many years ago, now I’m down to maybe 4 or 5. Now they don’t even say anything bad, just nonsense chatter up there. Like I said, if I’m alone, tired, stressed, they amp up. But otherwise, I just have to ignore them.

It took a lot of work at first, but CBT helped me figure out how to get around them.

Good Luck, I’m rooting for you.

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You might try Clozapine - its generally the most effective medication for getting rid of voices.

You can learn how to live with the voices using CBT techniques. There is an online webapp that helps teach you these:

Im afraid to try clozapine because I dont want to deal with the side effects or getting my blood tested continuously. Im getting closer and closer everday to not caring that the voices are there. CBT therapy is so boring. Ive been in some group outpatient therapy before they call it IOP around here. That was more for mood regulation and substance abuse.

It is so easy to stop the hearing process in any time if you want by less effort,
but that required a comprehensive knowledge with the whole nature of these voices.
you should know all accurate details that related the heard voices without any mistake

although you talking about self- experience with the voices,
but your description full of with many fatal mistakes

although i see many respondents give you good recommendations,
but the recommendations does not work alone "“willingly” inside
your head without your intervention /effort

Simply,if you can describe the nature of these voices correctly ,
as they are in themselves,
you will know the way to mute them in any time if you want by less effort

That doesnt really make sense man. There seem to be a lot of subtle things that make the voices quieter. Its just hard to keep track of them all. I have no power to mute them, I jsut have to keep myself busy or surrounded by people.

Simply,you think i say meaningless words
NOW, look at your post,
you write wrong description about the phonetic phenomenon,
lead to wrong the issue of adaptation

You said:
1-My voices are very…
2-I have voices in my head…
(you talking about the voices as if they are
some of your own things,like to say my feeling,
my thoughts,my head,my body,my self…etc}

3-the voices want me to …
4-what they experience
{you are talking about the voices as they are higher organism,
as an entities have a mind and mental experience ,as an independent
persons inside your head}

=so now I’m just voice hearer
you cancel 1,2,3 and 4

5- I should probably stop TREATING them
6- … with this illness
( now you talking about the voices as if they are a
symptoms of illness }

7-voice that if I could just be rid of i would feel a lot better
( you talking about your personal view to the correct treatment }

8-I like the meds I’m on
9-I’m already on respiridone so no luck there
(you talking about the types of medication }

10-No way to really stop them
(you talking about the result of medication}

11-It’s ■■■■■■■■ that I have to live with this
(you are talking about the inevitable ending }

12-it would be great if they could shut down that
part of my brain
(you are talking about the voices as if they are
the products “outputs” of one part from the brain !}

if you are in the case of hearing the voices
voice of who ? voices of who is ?

you hear to your own voices -or- you hear to voices of otherness ?
if you do not know the basic nature of the vocal thoughts
and its location and its actual source ;
you will try everything or means in our world to reach
to the point: I have to live with this under its full effectiveness