How the voices have been

the last year or so they have fluctuated between being virtually non existent for four moths when my husband was dying and for a few months after he died to being omnipresent thereafter for a few months and then back to non existent for four months. it didn’t seem to matter what dose of meds i was on at all. i just started on haloperidal two months ago and this last few weeks they have been omnipresent again. they threaten on a continual basis, to harm me in an out of body manner. to break my neck and spinal cord and leave me a tetraplegic, to rape me continually on a daily basis. to give me a stroke and heart attack if i contact a solicitor about my and my children’s abuse, to give me a heart attack or stroke or any of the above if i write a book and make any money from it. to take or destroy any cameras that i place in my home to catch this ghostly activity. to tear me limb from limb when i die to stop me ascending to heaven. there’s more but i can’t think of it right now. it’s like they’re trying to give me an episode!

i always did what my voices said i could not do, i realized after a while and trusted that i was not going to be harmed and the horrible stuff never happened, you have to give them the finger, they do amp it up for a while but when that does not work they eventually change tack.
mine now are silent, the negative ones, sorry you still have yours, i understand the distress it causes.
take care

thanks sith. i’m actually stuck in the middle of something that pertains too what the voices say but i’m gonna do it anyway. thanx for the advice xxx