So... The voices never stop?


So I was a bit contradictory in nature. I view these voices through all possible windows. I just want the hallucinations to stop. Have to keep my self preoccupied. That time you made some good points I’ll try to avoid contradictions in the future. Good talking, but the question remains. Where you able to get rid of your voices?


You ask:
where you able to get rid of your voices?
1-you should not say "get rid of your voices "
2- the heard voices in its nature, is not symptom of natural phenomenon
like the feelings,behavior or sensation or thinking
3- the heard voices is not symptoms of disease or illness
so that,using this words "get rid " is not concordant

the right question
where you able to obstruction the hearing process ?
the answer
if you know all accurate details about the whole nature
of the audible vocal thoughts,and understanding

these information will be stored in your memory,
they can working as anti-phonetic to help you
to cut off the pathways of the heard voices by less effort
this increasing the speed of mental responding
this means that,you give your immunity system
the information,then you should expected an occurrence of
a new development in this system
we meant,you put the plan of defense through your
information about these voices
FOR more causes,the immunity system can not identify
the nature of the voices
(there are many details related this issue }

the question
if the voices is a symptoms of disease:
WHY the immunity system do not attack the voices
or attack the inner source who producing these voices ?
why the antipsychotic drugs do not attack the voices or
the source of voices ?
why you have not any mental function help you to
stop the voice emission within the consciousness state ?


Alright dude i see you have some insight, but your posts barely make any sense. You should be a little more lenient cause I’m obviously dumber then you. Right now I’m just confused. That is my biggest question why is there no natural counter to this phenomenon.


Bryan hang in there. I’ve been dealing with voices since I was 21, I’m 34 now. I recognize that these voices (2 main ones) are part of me, and I realize they are my own subconscious and id.

It takes some practice, and I’m far from perfect, but with cognitive therapy you can eventually get most of the hallucinations to stop talking bad and start talking good.

Forgive me, but I haven’t figured out how to get rid of the symptoms completely, though. I do know I have a deep seated fear of home invasion because my mom’s crazy ex boyfriend used to break into our apartment when I was a small child, and the recurring theme when I’m stressed is a guy and a chick talking about breaking in and stealing what little I do have.

Have faith that the symptoms are self created, but don’t become disgusted with yourself because of it. The id is a monster in human form, and every deep seated fear, fantasy, and accusation you’ve ever known or heard is situated in it.

You might want to consider Latuda. I switched from risperidone to Latuda about 3 1/2 months ago, and while the symptoms are still present, they’re very much diminished 95% of the time, and much easier to ignore because it’s like my body most of the time recognizes that I’m creating them.

Good luck to you! Keep the faith that things will get better, and take it one day at a time.



You said:
“but your posts barely make any sense”
anyways,thank you because you try to understand our meaningless view,
as you see i talking about things that i do not know or understand what is it,
while you and all posters have know and understand everything

BELIEVE NOT WHAT I SAY,because it is mythological understanding…you like that !
{nothing in your human nature can attack /block the pathway of the voices
except your present mind }
everything in your human nature can attack/ block the pathway of the voices
without exception
you should learn your mind the way to block the movement
of the vocal wave in the consciousness field
,you should not learn your mind the way to block the
movement of the vocal wave,because the brain can do that WILLINGLY

*if you understand the words by inverse way,i can do that *

1-if you supposed that the voices is anti you
-and supposed that,the brain functions is the way /method
to attack these voices

-when the voices has been emitted internally ,
the brain functions attack or not attak these voices
according to the current information that you have in your memory
related these voices
, But you have wrong information

FOR example,you are talking about the voices
in different ways,as “my voices” as “I have a voices "
as” I just hearer the voices" As a symptom of illness "
as a production of brain part

the question
how can brain functions have response correctly to your self-experience ?
in other words
,the brain has act and behave with your impressions
about the heard voices as:
1-you are in the case of bilateral dialogue with your self
2-you are in the case of bilateral dialogue with otherness {regardless who they are }

this is the critical point
1-in the case,if you think that,you talking with your self,
and listen to your thoughts internally ,
you should expected that,the brain and immunity system
do not take any action

{ because you think, you talking with your self,
and that is natural event and it have not the features of any disease
( A PERSON HAS TALKING WITH HIMSELF-it is not a case of disease }
Then: do not blame the brain ,genes,chemistry of brain

2-in the case,if you think you talking with otherness {regardless who they are }
-this is the core of sz case,it is unexpected event “new phenomenon”,

why is there no natural counter to this phenomenon?
PLEASE,answer about the following :smiley:
1-if the otherness (the voice source } are a symptoms of disease
)the heard voices are a symptoms that have new phonetic nature }
2- if they are a speaker" teller" genes
(the gene is the voice source }
3-if the others are phonetic results of abnormal biochemical interaction
4-if there is a part in the brain,produce the voices
5- if the vocal source who producing the voices are
protein,enzyme,hormone or some biological cells
or some chemical substance,or virus ?

-The protein is the root origin of all diseases
-the anti bodies are protein too
THE QUESTION :smile: is the heard voice is protein in nature ?

to have a natural counter to these voices,it is required that,
the anti bodies have the ability to make up a linking with the body who
produce the voices,and that required

*if you say,what i say make not any sense ,you can read and understand inversely *

practically ,if you see that the voices is not friendly ,and you want
to reject the bilateral dialogue with otherness all time in all conditions
,the brain will take your order
and have act to achieve it ,after many attempts /time,you can
notice the increasing in the speed of your mental response

because you have ONLY ONE OPTION to take in any time in any condition
{ reject the inner bilateral communication }

if you put in your mind,you hearing the voice of your mind,
the brain and all immunity mechanism DO NOT ATTACK
THESE VOICE FOREVER,and you will suffer from carnival of
delusional thoughts

IF you put in your mind,you hearing the voices of otherness
(whatever they are },the hearing voices will be changed to becomes
temporary process , may be or may be not occurring during the daily
life events

if you dislike what i say,you can realize the content inversely,and imagine
the results !


Exception of all,you wrote one right fact,but give wrong explanation
You said;
“i recognize that theses voices {2 main ones } are part of me,and i recognize
they are my own subconscious and ID”

I recognize these voices {2 main ones}…this is correct

but the false fact { delusional explanation};
you said { are part of me } + {are my own subconscious and ID }

for all who write mythological stories or articles
in the scientific books or internet…etc
about the nature of sz cause,no one of them
expected that the cause of schizophrenia symptoms
is DOUBLE creatures in nature (Twins }

Both of them have the same existentialism characteristics
but each one of them have specific personal functions
during the schizophrenic process

both of them has work together inside mind-brain of the host
like functional activities of the gene inside the bio cell

{if the gene create the protein,the cause of sz creates
the thought,imagination,emotion,realization,perception,
understanding ( all types of perceptional products }

the first one,send the vocal message {order },the second
has attempted to repeat its context in the memory
{the vocal message do not emitted by action of brain functions
but its emitted suddenly in the consciousness state ( present mind} by action of one
of the cause twins,while the second has attempts to print the
the context of the message inside the brain against the self-volition ,
if he career,the printed message becomes one of the personal information
inside the brain “subconscious”

*for all researchers,the vocal messages does not emitted by mind of brain
of the schizophrenic individual at all,but the cause of sz has attempt to
print,planting,cloning context of the vocal message inside the BRAIN *

this is the secret of the secrets of the schizophrenic process !
I know no one can expected the occurrence of this process against
all natural basic laws { a metaphysical process to cloning the information
inside the memory center in the brain }

Both of them work ONLY in the existence of waking,
attention,consciousness state

Both of them do not work in the sleep stage,dream,
and they disappear completely in the absence of the consciousness { waking }

one of their goal,they seek to isolate the subconscious about the consciousness,
we meant , they try to cut off the link between the brain and mind


… 20 chars to post nothing. Not even responding.


If you read any psychiatry book,to review the famous symptoms,
may be you read that,the schizophrenic individual think that SOME
PEOPLE READ HIS THOUGHTS "regardless who they are "

now we try to explain this symptom by this theory "I recognize that
these voices (2 main ones } are Part Of Me,and are my own subconscious
and ID }
" the inner dialogue is between the the person and his mind through
the subconscious and ID "

1-In the case,if the individual says: “people read my thoughts,”
this means that,he hears a VOICES OF people saying his own thoughts,
he has the ability to recognize the pronouncement features of the heard
voices as a voices of others

this means that,he hears the voices of others who vocalize the content
of his own thoughts,and he does not hears his own voice saying any thoughts !

  • in the actual world,if you are a poet,and have writing some lyric poetry,
    you can hear some people reading your lyric poetry by their voices,so you are hearing
    your own lyric by voices of others,and you can describe this case as some people
    reading your lyric poetry ***!!!

But if there are an inner bilateral dialogue between the subconscious
and the oneself {ID} as in the claimed delusional theory;

the individual must be says : I hear my thoughts
OR i hear my thoughts as voiced thoughts
" instead to say i recognize my thoughts as implicit thoughts "

it is required that, he does not refers to any people as a speakers or hearers !!
it is supposed that,he is a hearer of himself thoughts
and the speaker to himself in the same time without existence of
of any other hearers or speakers

his testimony must contain that,
his own thoughts has been generated internally
by his specific voice features "his own tongue accent "

simply,inside the basic nature of any schizophrenic individual,
there is no any bilateral dialogue between the ID and subconscious
by action of own voice,because all bilateral dialogue has been
achieved by action of TWO VOICES OF otherness "regardless who they are "

so that,you should expected that,NO MATTER if the individual has
talking with oneself internally or talking to the otherness “imaginary people”:
the inner dialogue is arise in all time in all conditions by the voices of otherness

any real schizophrenic individual in the world “without exception”
do not hears his thoughts by his own voice,wherever the thoughts has
been emitted internally in the present mind "consciousness case "
by different accent voices for others,that is true all time of sz age

if any one of you trys to claims any different fact,he is someone has seeks to
fabricating the basic facts for sake agreement with some scientific theories,
which in most of cases led to random explanations


Arabi I think you are writing in your second language and, honestly, you have some important points to make but often we can’t understand because of your English. Do you think you could slow down a bit, write shorter posts? We might all learn a bit more from you then.