Good Christ will they ever stop

I can’t ■■■■■■■ wait for the voices to stop. They get quieter and quieter. Then they get loud and then they are quieter again. I just want them to ■■■■■■■ stop.

sorry to hear that,it must be awful,but bear with it and tell you psychiatrist about it,voices is nasty and we must destroy it

I thank God, when I am in the mood to believe in one, that I do not suffer from constant auditory hallucinations. Hearing voices constantly must be a nightmare. All one can do is try to get on a med that is somewhat effective against voices.
Have you tried Risperdal or Zyprexa or even Clozaril? or a typical old school med? Dont give up - keep hope alive

I’m on respiridone. Im finally going to try and quit smoking. Its a stimulant. Ive been smoking less today and things are more relaxed.

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i learnt yesterday to turn my good and bad voices ’ off ’ and ’ on ’ at will,( don’t ask me how this has happened i have ’ no idea ’ ). so there is hope .
i can still see them but no sound, though i keep the good voices in the ’ on ’ mode that way i have some one to talk to.
take care

I wish I had good voices… I actually dont think I can hear them at all right now. I just want to get better. I know they’ll be back.

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i didn’t have good voices untill a few years ago, i only had the bad, the very bad and the ugly.
i hope your voices don’t come back…
take care

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You’ll probably hear about it either way.

the more I focused on the positive the more the voices changed their tone. when I’m in a bad mood or not feeling well, they will get negative. But when I ignore the voices that try and tare me down, they get quieter.

It’s hard to do, but when my voices want to beat me up, I just keep telling myself … I am a good person, people do love me, I am getting better. Also it’s during this time that I stay far away from angry music or scary movies or bad news.

■■■■ the voices. This silence is bliss. its like they are there but they aren’t talking. I can still feel them though. They got loud when I was in the shower but if that is what its down to now I’m ok with that.


I can’t take showers. It’s too hard for me. I take baths. I haven’t taken a shower in years.

Yeah I think it’s just the noise of the fan in there. As soon as I turned it off it went away. I dont have tub its a shower only.

I take bowers, or shathes, it’s half bathe half shower, i usually just sit there and do nothing for an hour and ponder suicide and if i deserved this or not(an obvious no).

No they don’t stop.

And they don’t sleep.

its a good idea to stop, i think smoking didnt help, i think it was a viscous cycle of stress like i would get stressed and then light up and then get stressed again and light up, when i stopped i wasnt getting that stress anymore stress=craving=addiction it was such a relief, i used the patch and it really helped.

sorry about your voices, maybe talk to your care team or try and distract yourself with something maybe, i hope this helps x

An electronic cigarette is what helped me to quit smoking.

My voices get loud too in the shower. I can hear screaming and loud angry male voice talking. I only take baths. Showers scare me.

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