I'm hearing them again

They are backseat driving my thoughts. The lower I go the louder they get and vice versa. They offer advice and hateful criticism. They say they are a part of me and I’m a stupid ■■■■■■■. How can I trust what part of me to follow when I can’t trust my own mind? If I take the meds again I’m left empty.
What if we all have the voices but most people don’t understand them and we are just being punished for knowing too much?
what are your theories about what they are? They have to come from somewhere and schiz is just a label they put on something they don’t understand.

I know many of you will say to go back on meds but I’m just wanting to talk about others experiences and conclusions. You can take pills and pretend they don’t exist im not against it but I’m more after finding the truth then being a slave to the meds.

I’ll gather data with you. My psychiatrist and counselor have taught me

  1. The voices are a part of you.
  2. They are cultural. (If you live in America, you don’t hallucinate a ricksha. Ten years people didn’t hallucinate Uber drivers.)
  3. You need to accept them as a part of you. Accept yourself as both nice and mean, capable of evil and capable of good.
  4. Your mind has betrayed you, so you cannot trust it.
  5. Learn to see patterns in your hallucinations so you can tell what is real and what is not.
  6. If an image or voice disappears, you know it was a hallucination. Next times it happens, ignore it completely knowing it is not real.
  7. Recognize how you feel during a hallucination. When you feel that way again, tell yourself you might hallucinate.
  8. Ask trusted people around you to help you decide what is real and what is not.

Do you also have delusions?

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That helped add some perspective thank you. I don’t see things that aren’t there it’s all audible, they are there as soon as I wake till I can finally sleep. it’s had to believe they aren’t real because they say things like “I live down the street from you ■■■■■■■” or “that’s what you get for hating on us in school” but I have no idea who they could be so it’s like I’m constantly trying to solve the puzzle while they can read my thoughts.
I think they impersonate God sometimes and give me false advise so you are right I cannot trust my mind. Yes they are cultural one always says “this fool this or this fool that”, I never talk like that.
It just feels like I’m stuck this way and it’s only been 2-3 years or so since I quit drinking and my daughter was born then this started happening if it doesn’t stop idk how long I can live with it. sometimes I think it’s people looking out for my daughter who think I’m a bad father and threatening me and degrading me.

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