So the glycine has stopped working after 3 weeks :(

I was taking 50g of glycine a day for 3 weeks. It was a wonder drug at first. Really combatted the avolition. However it’s effect has started to ween off. Anyone thought of going three weeks on/three weeks off on this amino acid.

Ps still taking the pregnenolone

I’ve heard other stories about glycine wearing off after 3 weeks, however I’ve been taking sarcosine (another NMDA agonist, and more powerful) for around 3 months and it’s still going strong, you might want to try that. You can order it as a product called ProFrontal which is sarcsosine + N-Acetyl-Cystine at or at another online store called Smart Powers at .

How much sarcosine do you take?

So Sarcosine seems too aggressive and I would not lose my dear receptors. As regards glycine, 50 g are exaggerated, are fine 5.

If you’re taking ProFrontal they recommend taking 1000mg of Sarcosine twice per day, I took that initially but then I tried twice that and it worked even better. The problem I’ve been having is that sarcosine and clozapine cancel each other out and I need both, I’ve been thinking about replacing clozapine with latuda and seeing what happens, apparently clozapine is the only antipsychotic that does this.

Have you spoke to your psychiatrist about the sarcosine? Had they heard of it. I mean if it could replicate the feeling I got off glycine in the long term I would happily order some. Problem is can’t source it within the uk. Think it may be a licensed drug so only doctors can prescribe it. I followed your link to smart powders and they ship to the uk. Bit worried that I may be breaking a law importing it into this country though. Will speak to my family doctor about it first.

I had spoken with my psychiatrist about it and he had never heard of it, it is already present in your body so it’s basically harmless, I have never had any side effects from it at all. It seems to work alot better than glycine and at a much lower dose. I ordered my first bottle of sarcosine from the UK about a year ago so it should be legal there, unfortunately they stopped selling it soon after. I would highly reccommend the ProFrontal product. I don’t know about the UK but in the USA the worst thing that could happen to you if you tried to import something that’s restricted is it will be seized by customs and you will never receive it, they won’t press charges or anything.

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I tried Glycine for a month,it worked a week for me and I tried sarcosine for a month too,I had high hopes it work,but it really didn’t work as I had expected,that happen 3 years ago


Correct me if I’m wrong here - but I seem to remember that you said you had tried the smartpowder’s product and it didn’t work for you, then you tried the profontal product and it did work.

Also - on the Clozapine issue - I’ve seen this on a web site:

A Note Regarding Clozapine

It is important to note that no significant benefits were shown when Sarcosine was given to patients taking Clozapine. This consistent with other research on Glycine related treatment options in schizophrenia. Clozapine is a distinct antipsychotic medication previously shown to erase the benefits of glycine treatments. Clozapine may directly affect the glycine site on NMDA receptors, perhaps contributing to clozapine’s renowned efficacy in schizophrenia.

I came off meds once and tried 3g of glycine a day, in 3 separate doses as that was all I could tolerate without being nauseous. After about 3 weeks I became psychotic, so it’s at least interesting to me that it only worked for about 3 weeks for you.