Anyone on Glycine? how to start?

I’m sort of planing to put myself on Glycine. (german docs dont believe in stuff like glycine. there is no sense to talk to doc). I tried it once and it was horrible. I think i took about 30 g in 10 g divided doses along the day and it knocked me out and made me sick.

Is anyone here on Glycine? how should I start? what is the half life of Glycine in the body? or rather in the Cerebrospinal fluid? will it accumulate and should i wait until i see results?


The following doses have been studied in scientific research:

For treating schizophrenia: Glycine has been used in doses ranging from 0.4 to 0.8 g/kg daily in divided doses. It is usually started at 4 g daily and increased by 4 g per day until the effective dose is achieved.

The half-life of glycine and its elimination from the body varies significantly based on dose. In one study, the half-life was between 0.5 and 4.0 hours.

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As a doctor, I can’t recommend taking Glycine or any other medicine without medical supervision.
What if something goes wrong, or you need medical assistance outside of the ER/A&E? At least inform your treating doctor that you plan to start this.
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I’m at a point that I literally have nothing left to lose. And I see no point in making my doc yelling NOOOO at me. If you mean that I would run into trouble with my insurance if i wreck myself, I’m 100% sure, that in Germany, i won’t.
On the other hand, I’m stil not sure whether I’m going to take it (I probably wont) and if I actually do, i’m not going to take the full 60g. maybe 20g.

I assume you’ve seen our write up here:

If you’re interested in glycine you might want to try sarcosine, it’s an NMDA agonist like glyine but it’s much stronger and is effective in much lower doses, you might only need to take 1-3 grams per day versus 30g of glycine and it won’t make you sick like glycine. I think l-glycine has a half life of around 14 hours as I recall and it needs to build up in you system before it starts working. I tried taking large doses of glycine at first (~30g/day) and it had very little effect, finally I started taking sarcosine and it worked better. I just recently starting taking a sarcosine supplement called ProFrontal (Sarcosine + N-Acetyl-Cystine) and t’s had a pretty dramatic effect already, it seems to be working better with every dose I take. You can order it online, I would post a link but it won’t let me, just do search on google for ProFrontal. It’s expensive but definently worth it. Another option would be Glycine Ethyl Ester if you can find it, it’s much better absorbed by the body than regular glycine and you only need to take 1-3g to have the same effect as 30g of glycine, although it’s not as strong as sarcosine. It’s hard to find so you’ll have to do some searching, I used to get it from NutraBio but they recently stopped selling it. It also tastes horrible.

I’m well aware of sarcosine but sarcosine is SOOOO unavailable in germany you wouldnt believe me how unavailable it is. and i once ordered NOW glycine from US and got in somewhat deep trouble with authorities. there is no single way i can get sarcosine. Now, luckily lol I have found a source for NOW glycine inside Germany. (as long as the source of the supplement is in EU i’m out of trouble). So if you know someone selling sarcosine not mixed withs some stupid DAA and some bloody herb extracts and whatever from inside EU let me know. otherwise i have to go with Glycine.

Another thing you might want to try if it’s available is d-serine, it’s an NMDA agonist like glycine and sarcosine and it’s stronger than glycine. I tried it and it worked just as well as sarcosine and started working faster (~30 minutes vs 1 and 1/2 hours with sarcosine). The only place I know of that sells is Smart Powders and that’s inside the US but you might be able to find something elsewhere.

I am taking 2g per day of glycine (Now Products). It took several months to take effect, but I feel more calm, and have better concentration.

I 'v tried sarcosine and branched Chain Amino Acid last year. These aminos all interfered with my sleep pattern and made me uncomfortable. So I stopped taking them.

I’m taking 30g of Glycine per day in lieu of Haldol. The nausea is horrible if taken in a single dose, so I divide it into 3x per day. Some temporary paranoid thoughts but no worse than it is on psychiatric medication. The best way I can describe it is that it “evens” me out.

Taking pills is the fast-food solution to mental illness.