Sarcosine WORKS!

I’ve been experimenting lately with l-glycine and sarcosine which seems to have a mild effect. I finally decided to try a supplement called ProFrontal (sarcosine and N-Acetyl-Cystine). I’ve taken a few doses and it seems to work at least 10 times better than straight sarcosine, I can feel it already. It’s $50 for a 30 day supply which is way more than just sarcosine but it’s worth it. It seems to be working more and more with every dose I take. Let me know if you decide to try it and have some results, you can order it from their website. I’d post a link if it would let me but I’m a new user, just do a search for Profrontal on google.

In what symptoms it improves for you?

It’s a little hard to describe but I definenlty have less paranoia and a better mental state all the way around, it seems to be improving more and more with each dose I take.

I suggest no-one order from profrontal, the prices are outrageous. I take sarcosine and NAC also and it costs me 15 dollars a month for both, without shipping. Plus their sarcosine serving is way too small, 1 gram, I take 3,5 grams. Order sarcosine from Smart Powders and NAC you can get from iHerb.


I agree with you about the price, however I’ve ordered sarcosine from Smart Powders before and taken it and it had much less of an effect than the ProFrontal did, I’m not sure if it’s better quality or wether the stuff from Smart Powders wasn’t really sarcosine. If it works better it’s worth the price for me.

Did you take NAC with it the first time? I find NAC to be as beneficial as sarcosine. I’ve been using SP sarcosine for 2 years, 3 different orders and it’s definitely sarcosine, it should be 99 percent purity.

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I tried taking just the ProFrontal sarcosine at first and then took the sarcsoine + NAC and taking both together seemed to work better than just the sarcosine.

I have started to take d-serine(1g) and NAC(2g) .I hope this work and improve my positive and negative symptoms.
I am concerned about safety of d-seine which i buy from a website called smartpowders.
does anyone know where to by d-serine with better quality ?
i am also concerned about it is safe to take NAC and d-serine together ? my doctor don’t know much about these supplements .

I have bought d-serine from smartpowders several times and it worked just fine, the quality was excellent. It started working fast, within 30 minutes or so. I haven’t tried it in combination with NAC but I have tried NAC in combimation with sarcosine (another NMDA agonist) and it worked great. I don’t know of any other sources of d-serine but the stuff you buy from smartpowders should be just fine. You might want to consider taking a higher dose of d-serine, I took around 3g and it worked fine.

well i tried the stuff from smart powders and it didn’t work. So i tried the profrontal stuff and it worked. but i recommend trying maybe the smart powders first since its cheaper and if that doesnt work try profrontal.

Did you try both sarcosine and NAC the first time? I mean NAC that wasn’t profrontal. NAC might even be more beneficial for me than sarcosine. I don’t trust profrontal, sounds just like they want to overcharge people who don’t know places to get it cheaper. Also the placebo effect might be stronger just because you think it’s better because it’s more expensive. I’ve taken SP sarcosine for almost 3 years and it works just fine.

I"ve never tried aarcosine and NAC together other than with ProFrontal, I tried plain NAC by itself once and it made me feel ill, I might have taken too much of it.

I take NAC on an empty stomach but I have to eat something, even if it’s just a yogurt, shortly after or it make me a little nauseous.

I’m not familiar with these substances. Would someone educate me a little on what they are, what are they used for, etc.? Wondering if they may help my son.

NAC, l-glycine, d-serine, and sarcosine are all experimental treatments for schizophrenia, none are offically on the market but you can order them online. They’re all completely harmless and are more supplements than drugs and mainly work on the negative symptoms which the standard medications don’t. L-glycine, sarcosine and d-serine work on the NMDA system of the brain which scientists think isn’t functioning properly with schizophrenia.

Alot of people I’ve head from had great results with all of these, I’ve tried them all and both sarcosine and d-serine have had a mild effect so far but it’s getting better… The onlly problem is I’m also on clozapine and that blocks the effects so they should work better once I get off of it. I would reccomend sarcosine if your son wants to try if, it’s the strongest of them all and worked better for me. You can order it online at along with d-serine. You can also get l-glycine there but I wouldn’t reccommend that as you have to take massive amounts for it to work (~40g/day). With sarcosine you only have to take 3-4g/day, same with d-serine. There’s also a product called ProFrontal which combines NAC (N-Acytl-Cystine) and sarcosine in pill form, that also worked for me. You can order that at .


Sounds very interesting. I’m going to talk to my son about this and if he’s agreeable and his pdoc has no problem with it, we’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

If you google NAC (N-Acytl-Cystine) it is a great for anyone.

I started looking it up for my son on his pdoc’s recommendation but once I read all of it’s benefits I started taking it. Still can’t get my son too lol

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Barbie, can I pick this up at a GNC or some nutrition store like that?

Here in Ontario, Canada I can buy it at most pharmacies. When asking for it I sometimes have to say that long name as they don’t recognize the abbreviation.

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In the US it’s available in almost any pharmacy or grocery store, I’m pretty sure it’s at GNC too.

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