Not sure if sarcosine is doing anything. Has only been 2 weeks though


Think I got a placebo effect at first. Not sure if anything is happening now though. Have a 90 day supply so will take it for that time then see.


good luck with the sarcosine mate :slight_smile:

btw i sent you a pm but idk if you got it, your username has changed to anon in my pm box for some reason, if you dont want to pm thats cool :slight_smile:


Hey man. No I never got your pm. I closed my account then reopened it. If you click my username on this thread and resend I will reply buddy!



I think Sarcosine like Glycine work “behind the covers” so to speak. Nothing flash but you notice it when you dont take it or stop taking it.

BTW has anyone tried Glycine and compared that to Sarcosine ? I cant tell any difference …but as I said notice it if I stop having them - I prefer Glycine coz its cheaper and I can pop into my gym shop and pick up a cheap tub.

Be interested in other peoples take re Glycine vs Sarcosine.