So I went to my pdoc at last... I do have sz she says

I just came back from seeing my pdoc. Its been over a year. It was a good visit. She clarified a lot for me. I told her of my deadness and motivation troubles and she decided to increase my olanzapine to 5mg which I think will help. She said if it doesn’t help then she will put me on antidepressant as well but it may not be necessary because I did so well last year when I took my meds properly.

I asked her about my diagnosis - if I maybe have sza not sz. She said she thinks I have sz because I did well on antipsychotics alone and didn’t need an antidepressant as well. If i had sza I would have needed a mood stabiliser or antidepressant as well. But I didn’t so she believes it is sz. This clarified it a lot and I accept it. Feel better already just from going there and chatting and hope my olanzapine increase will help soon! My amisulpride stays on 200mg.

I wrote an article about my life with mental illness which I hope to publish when I feel better. Gave it to my pdoc to read, she liked it.

Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


hi saadiquah. great to hear you can handle it all so well. really happy for you.


To be honest sometimes antipsychotics can act as antidepressants

That’s why I know that I am sza, because I am not only on AP’s, but I’m also taking Celexa which is an antidepressant. And it is a good drug for me.