At times I'm convinced I don't have sz

There are times I feel I have sz but then there are times like these when I’m convinced I don’t have it. Mostly feel up and down about it. I guess it doesn’t matter as the meds help whichever it is. Today I feel pretty calm and not anxious much. And not carrying the weight of the world.


maybe the truth lies in between… I think it usually does. Maybe you have high functioning SZ or Schizoaffective.

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Sometimes I forget that I have SZ…

Then I think about how horrible it was when I was in psychosis and then it helps ground me to be like “oh wait- I do have SZ” lol

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I go through the same thing @ish, you know this about me.

My psychiatrist diagnosed me with bipolar and my therapist diagnosed me with SZA.

What am I to think?

But in the bigger scheme of things, it doesn’t matter what your label is as long as the meds are working.

But because an antidepressant triggered psychosis there’s a good chance you suffer with either bipolar disorder or schizoaffective disorder.

Either way, you need to be on an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer.


Good luck with your new psychiatrist.

The more details you give them, the more accurate the diagnosis will be.


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