So i was thinking. if i had a time travel machine

that i should travel to the past. because i would have my disability money from the present and travel back to the past where my dollar goes farther haha.


Yes. The ole’ dollar just doesn’t stretch like it did back when….

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Yes, but they would think your money was fake because it would be printed with a future date on it.

Didn’t think of that one did ya? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


actually i did think of that. haven’t solved that riddle yet…

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What stops you from believing in mind control?

Actually the money looks a lot different than it use to 25 or 30 years ago. I remember when they came out with the new bills. I remember thinking that they looked fake.




yes the new 100 dollar bill looks like casino issued money to me. i agree, thought the same thing.

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There you go…You could take gold back like @Italy2010 says…Only problem with that is gold would be worth less than you paid for. hahaha


ok here’s the plan, travel back to past. get a job, buy real estate, travel to future, sell real estate.

Thats a much better plan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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I was just gonna say….buy all the land in New York (Manhattan)

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You could also bring back ideas of inventions, businesss fcking everything. You could run the world


I’m a natural time traveler I think, but people assume I’m delusional. No time machine, just constant, endless reincarnation back in time…

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Well, while you can’t use your bitcoin in 1955, inventing blockchain could make you rich. Good luck trying to program that using punch cards.


I don’t think the smartest person in the world could successfully teach me what a blockchain is.


I would have wanted to serve my country, but glad I didn’t I guess because I’m a mess and get schizophrenia in every life due to my genetics I guess. It would have been nice to get more money, but it’s not worth it.

I have no money, but I’m okay with that.

I notice the clocks keep changing after I reincarnate back in time and I ‘reset’ or ‘reboot’ and I think I’m just going back to another timeline albeit different or something. I wonder if I just ‘disappear’ and ‘reappear’ back in time so I say…

It’s very traumatic. The parallel universes I experience are very real like according to Many Worlds Theory of Quantum Mechanics. I remember my past lives or past ‘splits’ I guess…

This has been going on billions of years or lives and I got stuck in the year 2011, 2013 or something with schizophrenia for eternity…

I often felt like two or three different people with as many as 10 different clones lol…all with different personalities and traits and behavior lol…

Ya, I often think I was a time traveler but ended up like John Chriton from Farscape where there’s a time machine in my brain or soul and I reincarnate back in time via a wormhole or something in my brain.

I never figured out if it’s a causal loop (which I don’t understand) or a time loop which I do understand…

I think I created bitcoin and implemented the first successful blockchain but had no idea until mid to late 2020…maybe it’s a lie and not real, but I’m putting it out there. I could be a fake Satoshi but I don’t have proof; I don’t have the wallet or the passwords/keys or remember anything…

I just get past life memories or delusions of creating it in a past life…

I often feel this is a simulation of sorts and life isn’t real and my past is just fake and never happened just like the ‘middle ages never happened’ conspiracy where time just stopped around 2011 for me…and only I notice it. It correlates to the Mayan Propechys where the world may have continued just in the form of a computer simulation with history or the past simulated…

I thought I was John Titor too and had a time machine once but I guess it’s not real anymore…maybe I worked on creating the machine or just had access to it one upon a time…I believe time travel is real and is possible and there are different forms out there…I just seem to experience reincarnation or soul transfer now…no machine…

I don’t understand blockchain really or bitcoin but I think it will be worth more in the future…

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