So I cleared the whole gym thing up

Everyone was cool and accepted my apology except for the biggest guy he said “get the ■■■■ away from me” oh well he told me before that he spent time on a penal farm so hes probably not the forgiving type. So Im gonna workout there like I have been.


If I were you, I would not turn my back on them,

I havent…that was the point…I went for a quick shoulders and arms workout and apologized to the people on the team who were pissed off. All except one accepted my apology.

Sounds like things worked out for the best, good for you mortimer - the guy who rejected your apology probably did so because he is the biggest guy and knows it, it could be an insecurity issue - you really did good, congrats


oh my psychologist told me his take on the situation. Insecurity issues all over the place…most of them not on my part. He did remark that my psychopathic tendencies are virtually gone because if that had happened a year ago I wouldnt have felt bad at all and have been angry instead of depressed.

Thanks by the way, that was the first time I have apologized to someone other than my parents (who dont expect me to apologize, they blame my illness) since I can remember…wow that sort of feels funny, I seriously cant remember the last time I apologized for something. Oh wait I think I apologized to some of my friends in December of 2012 for being belligerent, drunk and psychotic one night. But I cant really remember if I apologized for that. They all hangout with me so I guess I did or they blamed the schitzy for that. They all knew I was psychotic before I did anyways, that’s why they had seven cops surround me, I was psychotic and know Krav Maga and was in pretty solid shape when that happened.

Wow thats weird. I managed to not offend anyone for quite a while. But wow I was bad that one night in 2012 I remember slapping my friends and screaming in their faces and spitting water at them. No wonder they called the cops. Lol.

Were you depressed because you talked about them behind their backs or because you got kicked off the team?

…I think both

it takes a real man to apologize, well done.
take care


Should’ve skull blanked them.

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i am glad you are feeling better…hope you continue to enjoy your gym…

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