So happy to change meds

After six long months of suffering with risperdal the pdoc has finally switched me to Geodon. Hopefully weightloss will come soon, as well as a abatement in my symptoms! Anyone else have good results getting off risperdal?


Never been on risperdal. I had Zyprexa in the beginning. Zyprexa and Remeron made me gain 30 kg in one year. I switched to Flupentixol and later to Abilify. Abilify has helped me to lose 18 kg! I am more active and not constantly sedated.

Med changes are scary for me. Many of them work out for the better, but I always have that fear. This last med change a few years ago, was amazing. My life came back to me.

I’m sorry I don’t have any recent memory of risperdal. Good luck, I’m rooting for you.

So far the change has been good. I am not walking around in a coma anymore. I think the Geodon gives me more energy than the risperdol took. I am hoping that as he increases the lamictal that it will help with my depression.

Risperdal can be very sedating. Geodon can be too, but not as much. Make sure you take your Geodon with at least 350 calories. Otherwise the adsorption is minimal and it won’t work too well. Glad you made a positive med change!

I was supposed to get off of Risperdal and switch over to Latuda soon, but my doctor is hesitant to change meds now, since I am still titrating upwards on Lamictal. Once I hit the 200 mg mark of Lamictal I guess Ill switch - but I am doing so well on Risperdal mentally, that I am having second thoughts as to making that switch. Do I live with the annoying side effects that Risperdal causes? or take a chance on my sanity and switch AP’s - Man life is full of tough choices

I did the opposite. I switched from Geodon back to Risperdal. Geodon was giving me terrible intrusive thoughts. I remembered from when I had taken Risperdal before that I didn’t have such terrible intrusive thoughts. It has made me gain weight, though. But I am feeling better.

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hoping you the best…damn meds,it is hard to know what to do

So far I am tolerating the geodon and the lamictal well. I am only on 50mg of lamictal right now, he is suppossed to raise it but said one drug at at a time.