How happy are you with your meds?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you with your meds?

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I just wish I could be on a heavier antipsychotic. I’m on Zyprexa 20mg right now. is there anything heavier that might take the voices away or at least minimize their presence more than what I’m currently on?

they never make the voices go away they only tranquilize you sorry

Seroquel 600mg XR has taken my voices away​. My pdoc is talking to me about possibly switching to zyprexa or abilify because I hate how much I sleep and the drowsiness. But I’m not sure because Seroquel works so well

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Seroquel 600mg knocked me out Now I take Trazodone 100mg for insomia along with my ap

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I take low dose zyprexa and I’m very happy with it. But vraylar is a really tempting idea.

I take 1mg Risperidone every night. I am thinking of asking my pdoc for a new drug, maybe Geodon, to see if we can get rid of my delusion. I rated my drug a 5. It’s kept me out of the hospital but I am still a nut case.

Blah, geodon made me very delusional. But others have had a a lot of success with it

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Yikes! The only reason I would consider switching is to get rid of my delusion. I don’t need it getting worse. I chose possibly switching to Geodon because I don’t want to get fat (ter)

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How long have you been on Seroquel?
Yes it can be very sedating but if it’s working.
I tried many before it clicked for me.
Well your body eventually can adjust and when stabilized maybe you could take less.
A satisfied user for > 17? years.

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HI i hope this helps - i have the experience and have heard from the Pdocs that after say the first 6 months on respiridal it basically stops making you gain weight

i have twice been on it - both times i gained about 28 lbs but then i was able to stabilise and then lose the weight relatively easily (compared to zyprexa)

That’s GTK. I started on risperidone a year and a half ago. I gained 30 pounds but they lowered my dose and I have lost 20 of it. The weight gain really sucked because I have been uber fit for 25 years. Once I became MI, I got fat and quit working out from laziness. I am unbelievably out of shape now. I could accept that if I could at least be slim, lol.

Oh well. Maybe I will get the mojo to go back to the gym some day.

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I’ve been on 400mg and it just didn’t cut it. 600mg has been much better for my symtpoms. I’ve only been on Seroquel for about 2 years. It did kind of click for me too, risperdal and haldol didn’t work for me at all in the hospital.

I have no complaints with what I’m taking now by my doctor abilify 15 mg a day. I can deal with everyday this day forward for 4 years so far it’s been good knock on wood

Yeah my pdoc put me on it because there wasn’t risk of weight gain but it was just a nightmare for two weeks. She offered to up the dose but I just asked to switch it was so bad. And you have to take it with food and I have a pretty wonky eating schedule so that was difficult

I voted 7, because I’m pretty happy with my meds, though they are not perfect, of course. The Wellbutrin does a good job with my depression now that I’ve quit drinking, the Lamictal blocks the mania completely, and the Abilify keeps the sz side of my sza to a minimum. I just recently realized how little sex drive I’ve had over the several months I’ve been getting some form of aripiprazole, but I’m not that concerned about that. I’d rather not have that side effect, but it’s not like I’m dating (or looking to date) right now, anyway.

Well I am happy with my Latuda.80 ml’s once a day.And 50 ml’s of Trazadone.Which makes me sleep.It does control my sz.

i have two problems with my meds, one i’m on a lot of them and two they make me shake.

Maybe try a combination of Abilify and Seroquel. Lower your seroquel and replace part of it with Abilify. That’s what I’m doing. Works great!

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Thanks @Sooner88. ill talk with my doc about that. glad it’s working for you