SO frustrating!

So I became eligible for this disability money after being rejected four times and appealing once and finally formally appealing. At the appeal I won my case and am now eligible and will start getting disability. Its called AISH (assured income for the severely handicapped). Its been 2 years since I submitted my first set of papers, and I’ve called so many times to figure out what the next steps are. They keep telling me, that my new case worker will call me but its been a month an a half and I hate waiting. This is such a slow and miserable process. I finally won and I still haven’t seen any money! AGH!

That’s terrible. The process is slow.
After my wife passed away she won her disability appeal and I got a notice as her beneficiary last summer. I did not see the money till December.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

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Thanks…It was 13 months ago. last year there were hellish times. Things have calmed down this year.

hey, at least you got there, sometimes things do happen slowly.
take care

really sorry to hear that, don’t know what to say, except sorry…
take care