Wife has new lawyers working on her disability case

my friend hooked us up with who he used to get disability and said it took them three months…Angie has an ongoing appeal to her disability so I am hoping this will do the trick !! it would be life changing if she gets it. send vibes or prayers.


Sending good vibes your way @jukebox


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Best of luck :four_leaf_clover: with it all!

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It took me years to get SSDI. The good thing about it in the US , is not only do you get the monthly payment, but you can get backpay from the time you initially applied.

I don’t know if she is working on getting SSDI or SSI, and I know little about SSI, so I don’t know if its the same circumstances.

I went for years with no steady income after psychosis and losing jobs, sometimes making money where I could here and there. I actually thought it was my religious duty to collect pop cans for awhile, so I would ride all around town on my bike, going through dumpsters and garbage cans to make money from the deposit. I would spend most of the day on this and usually made more than you would think. Then, because I was psychotic, I would give most of it away to religious charities or the homeless and such, because I thought it was my duty.

Anyway, I’m getting long winded now. The point is, there was a pretty significant windfall of back pay when I finally did get on SSDI.

Good luck.


Good luck man… keep us updated.

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You earned it. You worked. I’m sorry you had it rough.


Yeah, my old roommate got a back payment check for $25,000. He bought two cars, the best Craftsman tool box and filled it with tools and all kinds of radio controlled airplane models. I guess money doesn’t buy happiness because he ended up committing suicide.

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UK person here. I guess I have always been fortunate. Never had any problems obtaining benefits here in England. I started getting benefits when I was 17 years old and I’m now 38 and in that time only been to one assessment, and in that assessment they said they would obviously see I was severely disabled and disability benefits would remain the same. That was 2018.

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Good luck with the appeal.

Courts stress me so I hope that you guys can handle it smoothly.

Why was she denied initially? Does she also have sz?

Im lucky I got my ssdi right after applying. I worked right up to getting it for over 20 years. Ssdi has been a blessing.


@Jonathan2 she has severe depression and a very bad back…

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