</+\< -So Be Careful & Be Yourself- >/+\<

Spiritual Currency … ,

We Have Good and Bad Intentions … ,

What we are Trying to Succeed At and What Occurs From Our Wishful Thinking … ,

All with thee Intentions of “good” (OR) “bad” … ,

Oddly Enough , What is Bad for One Could be Good for thee Other … ,

Strange World we Live in … ,

So There’s Spiritual Currency , Tha Goals that We Have Succeeded At (OR) Wasn’t Able to Finish (OR) Jus Didn’t Work … ,

Perhaps thus is Where Karma Comes into Play … ,

To Finish tha Job for you … ,

Dropping a Period Where Your Hand Got Tired from What Felt L(Y)Ke Endless Etching with Little to No Reward … ,

Which ALSO Brings Karma Back in , What Kind of Reward are you Looking for Exactly … ,

There’s thus Part in tha Bible where it Talks About Fasting and it Says , , ,

{{{do not fast without washing your face so others can see you fasting}}} {{{for they get their reward}}} … ,

and then it Goes on Saying Something L(Y)Ke , Do Your Praying in Secrete So it’s Onli You and tha Lord for tha Lord will Reward You Openly … ,

Spiritual Currency … ,

How Many Coins do You Have in Secrete (???) … ,

Be Sure to Note that those who Seem to Have it All , Honestly Have Nothing … ,

For When tha T(Y)me Arrives , it will All Be Gone … ,

So Spend Your Coins Wisely and Don’t Worri for What Feels L(Y)Ke an Endless Road of Emptiness … ,

Be it Clothed in Karma , (OR) an Honest Smile from Someone You Don’t Know … ,

Tha Truth Father will Always Return tha Favour … ,

Be it Now (OR) a Few Years From Now … ,

Your Spiritual Currency Spending and Quiet Gaining Will Reveal in T(Y)me and You Will Move On From thee Idea of Rewards … ,

For You Will See , , ,

For Some that’s What They Live (by) , and They Would Do ANYTHING to Keep Building a Castle Made Out of Sand , As Long as they Can Keep Gaining … ,

Our Truth Father Has Many Gifts for Such … ,

but Jus Between You and e(Y)e , , ,

They Won’t L(Y)Ke His Gifts .

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“they get their rewards!” - God (OR) Someone Up There

Ya’know that Place Called Heaven … ,

Up tha Stairs Perhaps … ,

Invisible of Course … ,

Hey @daze if You Still Out there , e(Y)e Got Some RADIOHEAD For Ya Now … ,

Please Enjoi


(rewards n shizz) - (YAPYAP) - (rewards n shizz)

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OK , , ,

So e(Y)e am Back on Track Here … ,

Slightly Annoyed and Getting Angry Over Nonsense … ,

What Reward do You Receive if You Are Sitting as if You Think You are a King of Something in a Friggin Recliner (???) ,

Thus Reward Subject has Been on My Mynde for 6 Months , e(Y)e See it Everywhere , , , in Everyone … , No One Willing to Safely Sacrifice , , , Their T(Y)me , Any Wisdom , ANY Helpful Advice … , Anything … ,

It’s Endless Mynde Games … ,

and e(Y)e Keep Looking Up Asking WHY … ,

e(Y)e Have Been Throo Hoop After Hoop After Hoop , , , To Make Everyone Else Happi … ,

As Soon as e(Y)e Gaze into tha Mirror to Decide on Helping Myself , Alarms go Off and e(Y)e’m Locked Away From tha Sun and tha Moon For Daise and Daise and Daise and Daise … ,

What is tha Point of Suffering , Where Does that Lead us (???) … ,

“they get their reward.” , , , e(Y)e Agree and it’s Punishing me with Constant Anger and Frustration , For No Real Reason Because They Keep Getting Smaller and Smaller and Vividly Meaningless as e(Y)e Get Older WIshing for a Natural “normal” Life … ,

e(Y)e Dunno , The American Dream (OR) Something … ,

A Comfy House a Few Animal Friends , Beautiful Bride and Some Kids … ,

WHY On Earth Would my Dad , My Dad Mynde You … ,

WHY Would he Want me to Live tha Way e(Y)e am Living Now (???) ,

Trapped in a Box With No Sound From Any Other Human Being Except from him … ,

e(Y)e am Sick of Seeing and Hearing Him … ,

and No , No One is in Danger but e(Y)e Need my Life Back … ,

“they get their rewards.” … ,

Yeah No Shazz , They Really Do … ,

Jus Complaining … ,

but Lord Knows e(Y)e’m Missing Out on a lot of Actual Living … ,

So What Does One Do (???) ,

Hold Tite to Patience and Courage … , and Let Strength Fall Where it May … ,

Never Give Up is What e(Y)e Always Say … ,

e(Y)e Seen Two Butterfly’s Today … ,

So e(Y)e Guess it’s Naught All THAT Bad … ,

Keeps it Cools Yo Yo’s , It’s Onli Gonna Get Better , Cause e(Y)e Can’t Get Any Lower … ,

Onli One Way Up When You at tha Bottom , and that’s Up … ,

One Way Up , Up Up Up (!!!)


Hang in there and don’t give up, my friend. I know how hard it can be when you’re not living the life you want to. I do not want to be living with my brother and his girlfriend {(Mind you, they are very nice people)}. I don’t like living with other people judging my comings and goings, talking about me to eachother, thinking about me, creating opinions about my life, and things like that. However, we can only make the best of the situations that we have, even if they aren’t exactly ideal.
I will one day get my dream house of my own. However, I would be on the streets like my sister, if it weren’t for this place. I have no job, and things are tough. I’m thankful for this home.

You seem like a very nice, loving person. Don’t give up, even though no reward is in sight. God does not want us to do the things we do for sake of a reward. That makes those things selfish. One must do what is right, for the mere sake of it being the right thing to do.
Proverbs says that "All a man’s ways seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart."
So, if your heart is in the right place, then you should not have to worry.

Some words of encouragement for you. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time, and I hope your days get much better. :seedling:

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I like that radiohead music

I bought my brother one of their cds
for Christmas one year

But I wanted to keep it

usually always give gifts that I’d like to get

You’re a really cool person @ATARI

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Thank You For Your Kind Words and Personal Philosophy Within Nonsense … ,

Seen my Therapist Today , e(Y)e am Feeling Great … ,

Kinda Worn Out and Sleepy but Altogether Great … ,

My Therapist Taught me to Naught Allow Negative Stuff to Own You in a Way Where You Yourself Get Angry , , , Where it Can Pull You Down and Leave You Feeling Naught tha Way You Would Rather … ,

Don’t let Their Negativity Control You … ,

She’s tha Best :blush:

but Naught as Cool as You @daze (!!!)

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She sounds like a great therapist. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

Thanks , , ,

New Goal , Don’t Get Swallowed in Their Quicksand and Fynde Beauty within a Simplicity of Walking Away from Stupidity … ,

My Therapist When e(Y)e Met Her on tha Phone for tha First T(Y)me Said to me … ,

" we are the experts of ourselves. "

e(Y)e Was Astounded … ,

A Therapist Saying that … ,

e(Y)e Said to Myself As e(Y)e Was on tha Phone … ,

" YEP , you jus won my heart. "

As She Has Ever Since … ,

N e Hoo , Things Always Get Better , it’s Jus thus Patience thing e(Y)e Get Lost within … … …

That sounds like a positive goal.
Your therapist also sounds like a good one.
Keep up the positive attitude, and the patience will come easier.

:seedling: :herb: :deciduous_tree:

They May See tha Pain of my Patience Now , but they will Never see tha Blood my Soul Can Cause … ,

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Off Topic Weirdness … ,

() I Have Many More Years on thus Earth , e(Y)e Never Have Been More Disappointed ()

Jus Kidding , , ,

Keeps it Cool’s Yo Yo’s (!!!)

Off Topic Weirdness (Part 2)

() If Someone Wants You to Naught Lissen to a Certain Musical Group (OR) Solo Artist ()
() Ask Yourself Why , tha NexXxt T(Y)me You Get tha Chance to Lissen to them ()

Is it a Subject of Freedom of tha Mynde (???) ,

Music Can’t Hurt You , You Are Who You Are , but N e One that Can Introduce a New Topic , for You to Quietly Elaborate on Can be of Good Service to a Better More Open and Kind Future … ,

If it Wasn’t For Music EVEN MARILYN MANSON , Even His Music , if it Wasn’t for What e(Y)e Lissen to , e(Y)e Wouldn’t be Able to be So Friggin Peaceful During T(Y)me$ of Traumatic Events , Thrown Upon Me … ,

() So Take Notes and Be Cautious with What You Share () … ,

Ok Gossip Over , Have a Great Mourning Noon (OR) Nite (!!!)

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We should be careful what we put into our minds. We are what we expose ourselves to.
Whomever is asking you not to listen to certain artists is probably just concerned, and trying to help.
I can relate to a lot of Marilyn Manson’s lyrics, however I choose not to listen to him, anymore. I don’t want certain things in my brain.
Someone once told me, that going to a Manson concert made him almost kill himself. Just from the audience vibrations. A mosh pit full of broken, sad people.
Be careful what you let inside. Only you can control it, no one else. :hear_no_evil: :rainbow:

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Mine during distress was me and Julio

Paul Simon

I’ll try to find it

When e(Y)e First Heard ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR , e(Y)e was Feeling Great and Enjoying all that Was Weaving Throo-out my Ears … ,

Then it got to thus One Part Where it got Serious , e(Y)e Panicked Slightly and Set tha Walkman on my Radio … ,

So e(Y)e Decided to Give it T(Y)me Before e(Y)e Lissen Again , Kinda After e(Y)e Warmed Up and Prepared Myself Mentally for What Could be a Very Serious Issue to Cleanse Throo … ,

So e(Y)e Waited and Awaited for that Part to Return and as it D(Y)D e(Y)e Wasn’t Frightened , e(Y)e Found Humor … ,

Which Changed tha Game Completely for me … … …

Thank You @daze e(Y)e Hadn’t Heard a Song L(Y)Ke thus in a Long Long T(Y)me , , , Been Sleeping All Dai Maybe thus will Keep me From Sleeping too Much in tha Future (!!!)

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() Test For You ()

1.) Happiness is Greater than Pain .

Now Be Yourself and Enjoi Your Dai (!!!) ,

Cause No One is as Beautiful as You (!!!) ,

Yes e(Y)e Answered tha Question for You … ,

Can’t e(Y)e be Beautiful too (???) ,

No (???) ,

Well e(Y)e Choose to be N e Wayze … ,

So there (!!!)

Hey @daze , e(Y)e Feel L(Y)Ke Sharing a Personal Music Story Witcha (!!!) … ,

Thus SonggG and My Old Pup Who Passed Away Years Ago … ,

Was my Best and Onli Friend for a Long T(Y)me … ,

As thus Album was Playing My Pup was Sitting NexXxt to Me , e(Y)e Had my Arm Around his Neck and e(Y)e Leaned Over and Quietly Said “it’s just you and me!” , , , As We Both Looked Up at tha Stars (by) Ourselves During one Summer Evening … ,

These Guys (!!!)


(never shared thus story before) - (maybe more to come) - (sad one tho)

()Why is Pain Here()

As we Go Throo Physical to Mental Pain for Daise , Months , Even Years , , ,

Know that , If We Hold Onto Faith Residing within Hope … ,

One Day it will Get Better … ,

You Will Feel Free and Better then Ever … ,

Jus Takes Some Patience , Courage , Strength , Hope & Faith … ,

Those Deep Lonli Pain Filled Hours Sleeping in tha Midnite Will Naught Last Forever … ,

As COLDPLAY L(Y)Ke$ to Saye , , ,

" the sun will always rise! " … ,

Which Carried me Upstream to , Tha Vivid Sun Wire will Ryze (!!!) ,

Jus Do Whatever it Takes to Naught Give Up … … …