</+\< -So Be Careful & Be Yourself- >/+\<

I feel that people, who simply look at the world solely through a distinction of good and bad, will find some things quite challenging and strange

It Hurts thee Other (OR) it Doesn’t e(Y)e Suppose … ,

e(Y)e Usually End a Subject Such as that With tha Question , , ,

Do You Have Good (OR) Bad Intentions … … …

Intentions are important, but also it is good to have a moral compass that keeps your intentions true.
If you believe in one thing but intend to act against your beliefs, there is a high risk of failure.
My moral compass guides my intentions.

How is your own compass looking?

Naught to Mention Some Bad Karmic JuJu … … …

Stable and Pure .

At Least e(Y)e Hope … … …