*^*(( - Meaningless Self Satisfaction - ))*^*

As One Discovers Tha Fruits Of Thine Own Labors Unfufilling To “Them” , One May See Meaningless Self Satisfaction From Those Who Gluttonize Their “superirority” With Invisible Hands Of -

  • Disk - Hush - Ting ’ Ness ,

Point Is , Dear Reader ,

Don’t Let Their Meaningless Self Satisfaction Rule Your Existence …

Pink Floyd - Us and Them


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have a good one :heart:
take care :alien:

Witnesses = Body / Spirit = Self Division = With = OR = Without

Thanks darksith , You Also as Well …

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Our bitter pride we have inside
Can make our world sad and lonely,
Our reckless youth is not the one,
And not the only
Part of life we live in strife
It seems it never ends
We want a wife, we want a life
We want good and clever friends,
But it is so hard to learn,
That the life we earn
Can never be satisfied,
We have our money,
We have our pride
We all have something,
That aches inside.
- original -

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Thanks For Your Participitation crimby … ,

e(Y)e Mite Try and Make a SonggG Out Of Your - Original - If You Don’t Mynde … ,

Hello Once Again Errrone , D(Y)D You Ever Think Of Tha Number ZERO Being Clipped and THEN Bent Into Tha Number One and So On and SO Forth , All Tha Way To Tha Number Nine and Then a Hop Skip and a Trot To Tha Number Ten , So On and So Forth (???) … ,

Have a Great Dai crimby … ,

You Too darksith … (Part 2) …

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Thats beautiful. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing I wont forget it

Aww Jeeze It’s Thee One Thee Onli , Winnie Tha Minnii … ,

You Have a Great Dai As Well Yo Yo …

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You have a great day yourself kind sir.
I should really get going now. Why am I so lazy?

e(Y)e Dunno ,

Cause You Are a Fan of KREAYSHAWN Perhaps …

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The pro part of kreyshawn suits me well

OP original song reminds me of LSD trips…I used to always listen to Dark side of the moon during LSD trips.

and As Thee Onli Way Fo Me To Apologize To You About My Nonsense of Frustration Directed Towards You and Anyone Else On Thus Forum In My Weirdo Past e(Y)e’d Lyke To Share Thus Album From Tha Bottomless Pit-well Of My Heart … ,

Soz For Tha Confusion Guys N Gals …

: )

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Glad you are back on your feet :slight_smile: its when the seasons change. It affects us all!
No hard feelings.

Winter Is My Personal Favorite Season … ,

Altho , After Tha Leaves Are Gone e(Y)e Begin To Miss Them and am Ready For Summer To Return , but When It Does e(Y)e am In No Mood For Hearing People Screaming at Me … ,

Small Price to Pay … ,

Thanks (by) (tha) (way) …

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and Off Of Tha Subject (whatever that is yo) … ,

N E Hoo , Off Of Tha Subject For a Minuete … ,

NexXxt T(Y)me You With Your Dream-Gurl , Kiss Her Eye’s … ,

Kiss Kiss (!!!)

push me…
and then just touch me…

till i can get my…

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(Thank you for your participation SoitGoes)

Prayer # 2.)


Do Tha Best You Can ,

Be Positive … ,

Don’t Go Out With , Control OR Puppetree … ,

and Try and Have Some Fun …


*** (TBC) - (Perhaps) - (Yep Yep) ***

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*** (TBC) (Part 2) ***

" Tha grass is always greener on thee other side " - Author Unknown ,

All In Which Thaz Means Is , Truthfully … ,

Love and Respect What It Is That You Have … ,

Perhaps One Can Mirror Tha “validity” Of Such , but Truth Of Tha Matter Is Thus … ,

What’s Over There , You Can Imitate but Nvr Own … , Within Truth of Divinity … ,

Perhaps a Birthing Of " FREE YOUR MIND " … ,

Such as Such Therefore Tha Suching of Such … ,

Peace Be Unto You (Part 2) … ,

*** (TBC) - (Perhaps) - (Part 3) ***

Morning! What is TBC?