So. Don't Apologise For The Mistakes of Other's, Brought to You, For Control


Thus Doesn’t Mean Judge Those Who Are Peaceful, & Didn’t Do Anything to You Personally. It’s Those, With The Goals, (Out of Spite & Jealousy), to Psychologically Harm The Innocent.

The Innocent Always Seem to Try And Make Excuses For Those Who Harm Them.

Why?. Because They Are Great, Beautiful, Wonderfully Amazing Individuals.

So. Like The Song Says, ‘You Can Go Your Own Way’, A Song (By), Fleetwood Mac!.

And That Message is Clear to Each Party Participating in Such Ruthlessness.

Shake Hands, Peacefully, Let Go, And Wander On.

Because!, Thus Universe is Beautiful. After The Negativity, And Hatred, Brought About By The Moral Criminals Disappears, And After The Innocent Individuals Peacefully Stop Making Excuses For Them. Everyone Will See How Gorgeous Thus Universe Can Be.

So. Keep The Peace. For Yourself, And Each Other!.

And Wander On (!!!).

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Side Note:::~ Kinda Like The Rules to Thus Forum. But!, (Now it isn’t!, The Rule of Life), But!, Sometimes Better Safe Than Sorry. As it Has Once Been Said, ‘Do Not Talk Religion And Politics’. Makes One Wonder. Where Did That, And Who Did That Quote Come From?.

And What Does it Mean?.

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You keep using the word thus when you should be using the word this.

ThanX!. I’ll Keep That in Mind. Have a Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And or Night!.

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‘If You Don’t Get Out There And Define Yourself, You’ll Be Quickly And Inaccurately Defined By Others’

Michelle Obama (A Quote- From Her Book/Becoming). 10/10!.

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‘True Freedom is Understanding That We Have a Choice in Who And What We Allow to Have Power Over Us’

Meryl Streep (Well Qualified Actress, Known For Her Part in The Move, ‘Death Becomes Her’). 10/10!.

Among Many More Great Films With Precious Insight And Inspiration!.

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(((Give Trust to Intuition, Instincts, Commonsense, And Law of Healthy Self)))

See No Negativity~ ‘The Faculty or Power of Seeing’. (Give No Handshake to Waste)

Hear No Negativity~ ‘The Faculty of Perceiving Sounds’. (Wander on, in Metaphorical Light)

Speak No Negativity~ ‘Expressing One’s Thoughts And Feelings in Spoken Language’. |>_<|

Give Spoken Language, in Birth of Thought, Daydream Test, And Stepping Stones in Hope



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Talking about mistakes, I’ve made many mistakes in my life. I really appreciate the people who are patient with me…

IDK how many more mistakes I’ll be making.

My Dad especially he is very patient with me he has so much faith in me.

He believes I will recover. He just says that I will. Not that hopefully I will. He says I will.


Truer Words Have Not Been Spoken.

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Thanks for the encouragement :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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What We, as Unique, Creative, Individuals Hold, is, The Endless Moments of Now.

Which Jus Means, When We Find Ourselves Within The Sphere of Suffering, Don’t Give The Moral Criminals The Ability to Enjoy The Hurt They Put Upon You.

Instead, Cherish, The Value, of Your Personal Existence!.

For, Peace is Not Weakness.

And After What Some of us Have Been Through, We Aren’t Weak Either!.

Be The Noble, Gracious, Kind, Beautiful Shadow You Were Born to Be!.

And Continue to Live on in Peace!.

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Quick Side Note:::~

If Unwanted Troubles Arrive at Your Door, Don’t Answer. Because, in The Land of Patience,

No One is Home. You Are a Full Grown Creatively, Imaginative, Shadow of Peace!.

Tracing in The Footsteps of Wonder. Marvel at The Reality of Your Astonishment!.

Being Amazed at The Admirable Goals You Can Achieve!.

It Always Starts, With Your Personal Moment in Life, Your Dreams!.

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Quick Art Challenge:::~

Draw a Picture. Paint a Picture. Write a Poem. Write a Short Story. Or Sing a Song.

That Etches Out The Creation of a Thunderstorm. Without Being Able to View it’s Form.

Try to Explain it’s Beauty Without Being Obvious!.

And Share it to Those Interested in Your Artistic Explanation… . …

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It’s a good hair day…

And she is happy because of being able to get her vision back. :pensive:


@anon90843118, I Hope Thus Isn’t a Problem For You, For Me to Say Thus…,

But!, That is a Beautiful Drawing (!!!).

Me Saying ‘Good Job’ or ‘Great Work’, Does Not Do it Justice.

Thank You For Your Effort.

It is Very Impressive!. Never Give Up On Your Artistic Endeavors… . …

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not at all…thanks…!!!

yes i do try lol.

Quick Side Note:::~

A Downward Circle, Cycle, Spiral is…, The Suggestion to Desire Something That is Offered. After Given The Desire to Want it. A Key to Unlock a Door Hidden. That is. Until The Door is Exposed By The Light of Secrecy, Manipulation, Within Possible Troublesome Agenda’s.

Your Safety isn’t Threatened. Your Well Being isn’t Threatened. But The Key is Never Actually Given.

Lean in And Look!. As Your Peer!.
Van Morrison~ ‘Brown Eyed Girl’. (Song/1967).

Side Tracked Thread Post:::~ I’m (Possibly), Two Weeks From Getting My Own (First), Apartment.

So. My New Focused Odd Thoughts Will Be in Here From Now On!.

I Don’t Plan on Making Anymore New Threads. Although I Tend to Make Many of Them.

Wish Me Luck Kid’s, Young Adults, Women, Men, And Aliens!.

(((Looking Forward to The Very First Public Message From a Friendly Alien)))

That’s great news. :unicorn:

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