Smoking swirlies

When I used to refuse to go to sleep and instead just stay up and do not much in my art room. I would hear what I thought were my (ex) husbands footsteps walking up and down the hall, being sneaky I thought, trying to “catch” me doing something he wouldn’t approve (?). So I used to shut the door to the room with my music and light left on and hide somewhere along the hall to catch him trying catch me.
I distinctly heard footsteps, then saw shadows of someone sneaking slowly towards me. Then, as if something out of a horror movie, I’d see smoke swirling along the floor, in decent volumes to make me think the house was on fire!
I smelled nothing, but the smoke would get thicker, and more swirly until I had to give up my hiding spot to do a quick house check. Nothing ever was on fire!
Then I got to thinking, maybe my husband was just tricking me to come out of hiding, but he was always in bead snoring. It happened about a half dozen times, nothing ever on fire.
Anyone ever have trouble with tricks?

Yes I heard the footsteps of an eligible bachelor in the hallway. It was pure fantasy, but a little scary.

last night i saw 6 spaceships in the sky the being i talk to told me that " they were here "- what ever that means !, and i also smelt rotting meat .
take care

I was in a real house fire when I was 14 and my kid sis was 3. 4th of July fire work went through her bedroom window. I ran into her room, pulled her out of bed and we ran outside, I turned the hose on her and she and I were bundled up in wet towels until the ambulance came and took us to hospital.

The house was toast. (there is a reason why high powered fire works are illegal in a tightly housed area) We ended up moving a few blocks over.

Ever since then there have been more nights then I can count in my life even to this day… I get up and smell the smoke, I can feel the heat and then I can see the all consuming flame, I can even hear it again and feel my skin graft scars hurt again.

I can’t help myself, I run into my kid sisters room and pull her out of bed, run outside and turn the garden hose on ourselves. It happens again and again. I wake up and the place is consumed by fire. So then when I can calm down and catch my breath see the place is Ok. Then I feel really stupid.

My kid sis has prevented me from calling the fire department and trying to get the neighbors out.