Fire starters

I was once using a burning barrel to get rid of some trash…I decided to add a little gas…I was trying to tip a little out of the gas can…the flames ran up the stream of gas…now the gas can is shooting a several foot flame and making a loud whooshing noise…I panicked looked around for a safe spot to throw it…but before I threw it a light bulb turned on…I placed my hand over the flame spewing noozle and drowned out the fire…whew it worked…lol I’m proud of that one…mostly because

I was at a party someone sprayed my back with axe and lit me up…my instincts kicked in hard and I ran…lol I know…but stop drop and roll goes out the window when your whole back from legs to hat are in flames…plus it wasn’t actually burning me…it was just the alcohol…there is video of this somewhere…I’m running through the house yelling with flames licking the ceiling…not so proud of this one…anyone else have interesting fire stories…?

Geez, you’ve had some lucky escapes. The only fire related story I have is I set off a fire alarm in a psych hospital, because I thought it was the right thing to do. They were OK about it though.

Good Potato Lord, flame, what the flying bleep? :smile:


I remember a childhood one…we were camping…i was maybe 10…I woke up to my parents yelling…we had to ditch the tent and all our stuff…lightning was bad and sparked multiple fires…flames all around us…smoke thick and sufficating…we made it to the car…watched where I was sleeping not 10 mins before disappear to the fire…I remember all the animals using the main road to avoid the fire…I saw bears wolves and deer running side by side…bald eagles were flying low and above them lightning and fire in the sky…I forgot about this fire…but the lesson stuck don’t underestimate the flames…

Bah this is why I hate to make myself recall things…

My parents told me never to put my fingers in a plug socket because it was dangerous, so I used a paperclip instead of my fingers. I never did find the paperclip again, but thankfully my fingers survived. I am a rebel with a paperclip.


When we were kids, my friends brother had a old chey parked at the corner we would sit in, it was cold so we thought a fire in the glove compartment would be a good idea, whole car went up in flames. Good thing it was no longer running, but now that car is a very desired collectable

Looked like this one 1950 Chevy Fleetline

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