Smokin pot at three

Me and my old friend used to sneak out and smoke pot. We had a place in the trails behind our neighborhood.

So we went out again and started to roll one up.

But then all of a sudden everything got quiet, you know that eerie feeling im talking about right, it’s like the breeze stopped and everything got quiet and we became uneasy.

It just felt wrong.

I looked up and there was a gadam “ufo”, do i know what a ufo is, no, but there was a freaking what appeared to be a space craft, or a very advanced craft anyway.

it was a perfect triangle, was black, had one larger light directly in the center and three smaller lights underneath each corner. It was very very close to the ground and made no sound, it was so close you wouldn’t believe it, there was just no denying it it was so close.

It was moving extremely slow across the sky, and no sound at all.

And this was about three in the morning so it was extra freaking wierd and scary.

We took one look at eachother and just got up without a word and began walking out of the woods, as fast as we could. Every last step you wondered if that was it, are we dead, are we going to be taken, will they circle back around, anything could have happened.

I just can’t believe all of the wierd ■■■■ i’ve seen in my life, i’ve been left with hundreds upon hundreds of questions, it’s driving me mad to be honest.

Have you ever spoken to the craft? Got loud? Challenged it in any way? Only to see a “flash” and felt like you’ve been sucked into an undertow and when you emerged, saw a large reverse negative (black for white, white for black) shadow of yourself and surroundings as if it came from within yourself projected out large in front of yourself?
I did about 4AM one morning, sitting in my extra bedroom’s window sill after opening the window and removing the screen. Just sitting there, until I got mouthy, at what I didn’t know. I invited them to show me something in a rather rude tone of voice, when it was as if a camera flash went off, so bright I was stunned into silence, then dazed waking up looking at a reverse negative of myself including the window, projected extremely large onto the next door neighbors side of her house. Must have stared for an hour as the image remained for most of the hour, then faded abruptly, but smoothly.
Still in awe, still no clue.

What did the craft look like?

A triangle like mine?

What are your theories? Alien, spirit, or human?

crazy stuff, I smoke pot and saw what appeared to be a shadow made of some spirit material that looked almost like me with an assassins creed hood on, around that time I got a message from my “voices” “I am death” it says, if I remember correctly…

It must have been so close all I could see was the underneath side, which wasn’t a shape at all. There were beings? In the house to the rear with orange/red lights on that appeared to be flames consuming the house, which really couldn’t have been considering it was intact the next morning.
You can definitely rule out human. Beyond that you can just say there was enormous energy,life,and interaction at hand.
Wasn’t the first time witnessing something odd. To many stories for here.
As a kid there was a red object in the sky that hovered not to far from where we kids were playing outside after sundown that hung around “observing” us for about 15 minutes. It caught our attention and we were being silly talking to it. When it saw enough, the lights at the bottom moved around it and took off within a second and was gone. Again shape? Just can’t recall a specific shape.

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A lot of ufo sightings can be debunked. but 1% of them cannot. Mix weed and SZ you’ll probably get more sightings.

i think i would have liked to have smoked pot at age three, and hang out with my gang ’ the Teds ', big ted, little ted and their friend basil brush, all of us sprawled out on the grass at night looking up at the stars , watching it all go Van Gogh on us…
then sending basil brush or ’ brushy ’ as we called him into get some chocolate triple brownies that would have been super cool…hey there goes a shooting star, no wait man i think it is a spaceship …whooooaaa…
take care

We weren’t high, the ship or whatever it was showed up before we smoked.