Smoking marijuana

I wanna hear everybody’s opinion on smoking marijuana how it makes you feel anything and everything you have to say about it especially if you smoke it or have smoked it

I smoked a pretty fair amount of it in high school. I haven’t smoked any in about two or three years now. I never really enjoyed the high of marijuana. It makes me paranoid and sleepy. They aren’t pleasant sensations. Some guys just love marijuana, though. They can’t seem to get enough. Personally, alcohol was always my drug of choice. I love the sensation it gives me.

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Anxious and uncertain of myself. If I smoke the right amount, just a hit or two, everything’s pretty cool. Two much and I get voices. It doesn’t really seem to change the psychosis very much, kind of gives me a fresh perspective on it and make me feel very weird about life.

Used to really enjoy smoking. Used to get high and ramble on about the worlds problems and potential solutions to them. Futurism, ■■■■ like that.

Eventually I lost the youthful brilliant steam and start questioning myself and everything. At that point it started to become a destructive process. Still carried on smoking on a daily basis until I start hearing voices and this telepathy bs started happening.

Smoke a little bit infrequently for the first year after getting out of the hospital. Didn’t really like it as much. My experience is totally terrible for a person on a psychological level. The high still felt nice on a physical level, but the mental side of things was just ■■■■■■.

Really sobriety has been the best thing for me. I’m pretty close to just shrugging off the sz, I have to do it continuously. But my voices are going away finally.

Pots fun for the first few years when it’s exciting but once it becomes a lifestyle thing it can only hold you back. And the high just becomes normal instead of being a rush.

Still know a lot of people who smoke every day, pretty functional people, but for me I want my experience to be simple as possible, don’t like the amplification it puts on every thought or feeling. Most of what happens in my mind is negative ■■■■, if I smoked every day I’d probably turn into a recluse.

Still think it should be legal and widely available. The high Cbd stuff is interesting for sz. I don’t think I’d smoke it though.

Stupid thing to get in trouble for and always a hassle to find if your smoking it regularly. Two much trouble for me, he’ll I don’t even drink ale any more.

My sinning money goes to coffee. Good coffee all day long.

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I smoked for 5 months straight with schizophrenia, without meds. I was living alone 9 hours away from home and without family and friends. I have to say, that as the best time of my life. I was driven, I was determined to go back to school, and I was doing everything I had to do to survive. Although I was mostly paranoid and voices came after a session, which weren’t really that significant. Then I had a relapse at the end of those 5 months and it ended with a suicide attempt and the police taking me to the hospital in hand cuffs.

I was out of it.

I take nothing away from marijuana. I’m pro marijuana till i die. I smoked a couple times while on meds and I had minor psychosis, nothing significant. I think in small amounts while on meds would be the smartest way to go but I’ve never gone that far. I’d rather save my money then spend it all. Because I would. I’m the type of person that smokes all day, everyday. So I’m refraining from buying a medical card and hanging out with smokers, because marijuana is also addictive. I don’t think I’ll ever smoke again until I have the money to support it.

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I am only two weeks clean from marijuana. I guess I should be the poster child for the stuff. Ruined my life. I am an addict by nature and with weed I found myself always needing more and more. When I buy weed it is non stop without any breaks with my getting high. It consumes me. All I want is that next hit. I miss it horribly but really know it’s not for me now. I love the feeling, nothing like it and it is far above the feeling of alcohol for me. I admire people that can do it recreationally and not over do it. I wish I was like that but I’m not.

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Two weeks clean is a great accomplishment. Keep it up! The last time I smoked was on New Years and so far the urge to smoke has diminished. So maybe when you hit a month clean everything will be easier.

Good luck.

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thanks Kella. I still feel very weak about it but luckily my connect has vanished so I couldn’t buy it even if I wanted to. She came by and picked up some money for a buy two weeks ago and never showed back up with the product. I think she has more serious drug problems like crank or something now. At least I’m not addicted to crank !!

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For most of my teen life I smoked… maybe if it was just the pot it wouldn’t have gone so bad. But I used other drugs as well.
the hardest one to kick for me was XTC… this was the hard one to get over.

But the pot was like quick sand… I smoked it… felt great… calm…
when I came down… I wasn’t calm at all anymore. I was exhausted and I’d be on the edge of a panic attack…

So I smoked more… got a little higher up… came down harder, sank deeper… more panic… more exhaustion.

The highs were great of course… but it was the coming down that was worse and worse…

It was when I was out of pot or didn’t have the money to buy more that I would end up curled up in the closet… panicking, I’d sit on the floor and rock, listening to my head and trying to shut out more the world. All that was beautiful when I was high… was ugly and threatening when I came back…

It was like finding the demon under the angle.

Of course the same amount didn’t get me as high as the time before.

I didn’t take my meds when I was self medicating… so I just got more out there. Alcohol gave me the ability to drown out the voices… so I drank a lot…
The pot calmed me down… for a while… that was my anti-anxiety med.
amphetamines helped me feel less lethargic. I had a lot of get up and go when I was able to get my hands on them… Sadly I would only go in circles.
XTC connected me to people. The wax build-up that cut me off from others… XTC melted that… I could connect and let people know I cared about them.

A few years ago… I smoked just a little pot after a long break… it was so small an amount. I didn’t even get high… I just ended up with some hard core delusions and a spike in my paranoia.

If there is no high… and only low… My relationship with pot is completely over. Don’t miss it, no desire to acquire. If it’s offered, I can say no thanks and feel just fine.

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IM NOT SAYING OHERS SHOULD BE LIKE ME. But when I take like 3-4 hits at night everyday it has the same effects as synthetic meds for everybody else with sz.But actually abusing the stuff smoking a 8th a day like I did when I was in hs just screwed my life up.

Up until about a year ago I payed my bills by growing it and providing for cancer patients ya see where im from its been legal by state law for decades and never looked at like a negative thing.I use to provide for the patents of cops and they thought I was way cool because I never sold hard drugs and only provided for minors or new users.

All my clients were either old hippies or new cancer patients.

I was self medicating with it for the past 10 yrs and doing great.My sz actually started with the voices when I was 20 and j quit for like 3 yrs because I was trying to marry this chick and she sayed she would leave if I didn’t quit (she left anyways) then for some reason I didn’t make the correlation of the voices WITHOUT weed.

I actually believed the nonsense she brainwashed me with because I still had misplaced respect for her opinion…you now how it is when a chick screws your head up “she can never say or do wrong” at the time I was casually drinking beer and when the voices got worse I drank more and blasted music.I spent the last 19 yrs as a drunk because of that.

It wasnt until I was around 30 that I got back into growing it because I was such a drunk that I couldnt even do that right…well the drink AND sz screwed me to non functionality.When I started self medicating again the voices were still there but waaay quit to the point I could fully ignore them they were whispers that I couldnt make out and I had NO paranoid delusions WHATSOEVER.

Well about a year and a half ago I was approached by people that I went to school with that made millions selling meth to my home town.They wanted me to lace my weed with meth to increase their clientele as all my client’s wouldn’t even try meth they are to old and smart for that.I wouldn’t do it so they said they were going to whack me and I jumped on a plane to my current local because I have family here.

Its been about 5 mo. since my last “med” dosing and my sz is SOOOOO FREAKING BAD that the voices now control my dreams and my waking life and im was convinced that the voices are real .They are my neighbors and everybody in this new town are stan worshippers that were given the ability of telepathy by satan.

Now im saving to move to Denver Co where they have nut crackers that specialize in sz.Oh yeah ive also degenerated mentally to the classic belief that the reason the satan worshippers are teying to drive me crazy is because I may be some kind of Christian angel or something so they want me to commit suicide. Sorry thats so long but you DID say you wanted to hear EVERYTHING. …at least I used spaces, Wave helped me with that, Thanks dude!

You know whats really screwed up? My home state just legalized it and I prepared for that for the past 5 years or so.I was going to open dispensories and get rich.I have over 30 different strains preserved back home but I can never go back or they’ll whack me…isnt that screwed up!!!

I really enjoy smoking pot. It allows me a breather from being cooped up in my head all the time. I become delusional, dissociative, and psychotic. Sounds horrible but it is a feeling I miss. As if nothing in the world matters but my f’ed up brain. Can’t work or keep relationships while on it so it has to go.

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You’ll adjust and it’ll be a better life. Try it for a while. You can always go back.

Actually I meant comatose .thanks for the help coma

Im gonna talk to a specialist befor I decide which type of meds ill go for.great advice thanks!

I use to love marijuana…it made me happy and I laughed at about everything. That was in the beginning. After a while it just become a bad habit like any other addiction. I now cant tolerate it anymore it makes me really anxious and paranoid. I also would spend all my money on it. Which sucks because I only get $60 a week. Its just a money drain. I wouldnt recommend starting if you never tried it…its not worth it. Plus its hard to stop once you smoke it for a while. I am in marijuana anonymous now trying to quit the stuff. Ive smoked it for 20 years and I really believe it was a big waste of my life doing it.


For me if I smoked too much of it I’d hallucinate. I’ve smoked it since getting psychosis and a couple times i hallucinate again and was in panic mode. And recently I just felt sleepy and kinda giddy but I didn’t feel high at all. I think my manias are really the craziest highs I’ve ever had I can’t really explain that it’s something someone with a mood disorder primarily experiences.

All in all I think pot is not something good for me although I have considered vaping for depressive episodes. But I know that deep down is just an excuse for me to try and get ■■■■■■ up.

Pot no good.

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a running commentary in my head of the last time i got way too high in 2013 (i only smoked once that year)
took a bunch of bong hits and i never used a bong before.

go to bed with the girl im with :

Ok Im lying down
Why is the light off?
maybe i should turn it on?
Hmm She is too close to me
Ok I hear breathing , why is it so loud?
I should go to the door and open it
No wait I will stay, No I must go now , ■■■■ Im freaking out, ok Im hearing noises, ok zipping sounds , ok stay calm
she is waaaay to close to me
whats that sound?
I need to open the door Now
■■■■ i cant move, im trapped i need to get out of here
whos arm is that?
ah ■■■■
wtf is going on ? why is everything so loud i can hear fabric moving
ah its the blankets,
ok i really need to get out of hear.

continue that loop for then next couple hours…

i could go on but , what basically happens is i get fully stuck in my mind and i can hear everything with a superhuman like reflex. its extremely disturbing . its funny looking back at it though

What is XTC? Is that ecstacy?

Some people can handle it and some people can’t.

I smoked my first joint at 17. And when I got into college I smoked for about 3 years…did xtc, shrooms too. It wasn’t until I moved to Cali that I started having problems. My sz kicked in at age 21. Took me for a whirl and it wasn’t until I realized that I was hearing voices that it was too late. I smoked on occasion from 2010 up til now and have had at least 4 hospitalizations. I take CBD now but sometimes I still have issues with psychosis.

My first episode led me into breaking in a persons home and walking in their backyard. As I’m typing this I’m hearing backlash from my voices talking about me. I prefer alcohol by all means, no issues. I have had no issues drinking but when I smoke or take anything with THC in it, it becomes a problem.

My whole thing is I’ve learned from my experiences, with pot every time I got high psychosis kicked in quickly. I do have a card for medicinal pot because of having sz. So cbd is recommended but it still doesn’t work (matter of fact i’m thinking about stopping taking it). But still, I just learned over time that I can’t handle it.

I’ve tried Charlottes web and it doesn’t work. Even the slightest bit of THC makes you a tiny bit paranoid. And the positive effects aren’t realized either. Really, marijuana is no good for me. But maybe it works for others :\