Smoking marijuana

Last time I actually smoked, before I realized I should be very very careful, I started getting really paranoid and thought the people I was with were going to kill me

It’s MDMA… ecstasy…

I used to take too much

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I was an IVY league scholarship recipient, black, from the Bronx, NYC public school system, and marijuana triggered my SZ - I lost it all.

I am a functioning 29 year old, and finally caught up with where I would’ve been at 22, if it wasn’t for Marijuana.

Mary-J is not a good thing for us. My brothers and sisters, know I love you, and I want to give you one answer to this question, “Is marijuana worth it?” and my answer is NO.

I loved smoking with my friends in college, but I did become significantly different, and I thought people were becoming different to me. However, this was not the case. None of my friends or family changed. I just observed and interpreted things differently. I was a black kid given an amazing talent for interpretation and understanding the world - Sober! Marijuana contorted my way of understanding the world, for the worse, and it created a space for SZ to take over my mind.

I will tell you all now that a night out having fun and smoking marijuana will be just as fun if you DO NOT SMOKE MARIJUANA.
I created this account just to say that! I promise you - never smoke.

Doctors tell me that marijuana is my only trigger, I pray forever, if I stay away from marijuana I will never have symptoms, but one (1) puff and the world crumbles and the delusions persists for months!

I have lost a lot due to marijuana! Whenever I smoked in my life I was hospitalized! Do not smoke! NEVER EVER. I would be closer to a millionaire if I never smoke. I would be married with children. I would be able to help more people. I would not have lost my grandpa. My family, and my wonder woman of a mother, would be happier!! NEVER SMOKE FRIENDS!

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They grow a lot of marijuana illegally around where I live, in the Cookson Hills of eastern Oklahoma. There is a lot of undeveloped area back in those hills. They’ve been growing it back there for decades, and they’ve found strains that work well in that environment. It’s a quality product. I’m wondering how the legalization of marijuana will affect the growing business around where I live. I’ve heard that the legalization of marijuana has destroyed much of the marijuana growing business in Mexico.