Consuming Marijuana

Is it bad for an individual diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bi-polar and hyper-anxiety to consume Marijuana & concentrates?

I have not had good experiences with it. Tends to make me manic. Also, according to studies, it can lead to psychotic episodes for three years

I don’t have much experience with concentrate.I hear some schizophrenics claim that they smoke marijuana and it makes them feel good and actually helps them. I have my serious doubts about that. Some people swear by it. I hear many schizophrenics say they smoke it despite the bad effects it has on them. And there’s MANY people like me who know from experience that our systems will not tolerate it at all. It makes our symptoms worse. I can’t tell from your post what group you fit in. But think about these groups. Are you already smoking it? In CA and NA there’s was a phrase I heard a LOT from fellow addicts. They say, “I did the research for you and it ain’t work-in”. What they meant by this phrase is that they did the drugs, they had the lifestyle (because doing drugs involves a lot more than the actual consuming itself) and they are saying that we don’t have to go out and do the drugs ourselves and mess ourselves up. They already did and we should learn from their experience.
So I did the research for you. Drugs mess a schizophrenic up. I did them and got addicted. I know. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

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Heavy cannabis use is one of the key factors in me developing schizophrenia like symptoms. I’m over all the delusion. I still experience telepathy but it is less frequent thats the only delusion I slip into. Its like boom it happens then its like they are telepathic then some time passes and there is no telepathy and they tell me they are not telepathic. I dont really care about these hallucinations anymore. They seem to be going away and I have a growing sense of knowing that it is just not possible. The real work I’m dealing with is relieving my anxieties and battling obsessions. My voices suddenly got quieter when I changed my focus from getting rid of them to accepting myself and my past as it is. Self judgemental energies are obviously at the root of my voices, this is probably different for everyone, but for me it just self criticism that has manifested in an extreme form. I wouldn’t be such an introspective trainwreck if it werent for pot. Sober time is development time and I missed out on a whole lot of that. I still like pot and its effects but you have to be responsible esp if you’re s schizophrenic. I dont believe I am properly diagnosed anymore as my symptoms are going away. I dont believe I have a life long condition. This is all psychosis brought on by fear, stimulant abuse and pot abuse and perhaps an overactive imagination esp when im high. I would however liek try some high cbd strains. I like pot, i like the way it smells, tastes, and the process of smoking it, i like the feeling of fascination it can bring however it also brings on a lot of bad ■■■■ and makes me feel tired and useless. Wow I’m ranting I used to be a major stoner and it has held me back in so many ways. Its a love hate relationship. Bottom line is its illegal and most people dont do it. If you want to fit in and succeed in life you probably can’t be stoned the whole time. Thats the way I see it now. Although I do have some friends who have the drive to smoke and keep up with life. Im an addict, I get completely sedated and want nothing else but to maintain the high. Love hate relationship with the stuff. It has its dangers

LSD is what did me in. But smoking a lot of pot sure didn’t help the situation.

I was crumbling when I was very young, and I grabbed for the drugs as a way to self medicate. Pot today? No way. Not for me thanks. My paranoia is a hair trigger way from full bloom on a good day. If I smoke pot, it takes me a long time to get back into lucid town.

It doesn’t make me feel good anymore, it just makes me tired and freaked out. It quit being fun ages and ages ago. Also, I can’t drink or do other drugs any more either. Odd for me, I don’t really miss the pot or the alcohol. But I really miss the MDMA. Oh golly miss molly. I haven’t had to face that temptation in a long time. But I do think of my times on XTC often and unfortunately… fondly.

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THC in marijuana is bad for schizophrenia - CBD in marijuana is good for schizophrenia - they are designing meds from CBD. Unfortunately when you smoke weed, the joint contains usually higher amounts of THC (bad for sz)
I would wait for the CBD meds to come out instead of damaging your mental health with THC

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aYeah I have a certain fondness for mushrooms. LSD was cool before I learned the hard way the kind of things it can do to you. XTC never worked for me. Its expensive and I dont come across it often. Living here in Kansas your just likely to get burned by a dealer who’s cut their ■■■■. I thought recreational drug use was a good thing when I was younger. Expanding your consciousness. Experiencing all the ins and out while in altered states. Searching for euphoria. Now its all risky business. Pot is trouble though, for as much as I love it it holds me down. Now if it were legal and I didnt feel like ■■■■ when I was on it because there is just that guilt of doing things your not supposed to do. I don’t know I’m getting better as far as symptoms are concerned. Ive been good to say no to pot for the last 6 months. I really need to re evaluate my feelings. Because getting back into to pot would most definitely be a bad thing.

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marijuana gives me racing mind, and withdrawal from people… I desided to stay away from it.

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Pot is no good for me. Last time I smoked it (age 17), I hid under my bed for 5 hours because I thought the cops knew I was smoking.

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i live in new york, and my hope is that soon the cbd medicine will be available through medicaid so i can afford it…

I smoked once, after a moment someone incredibly powerful and evil in the sky began looking at me, i mean right at me, i imagine it’s how frodo felt when the eye looked right at him in the movies.

It was so threatening and hideous that i began to shake, it went all the way into my bones, like an earthquake of terror.

I just struggled through it and it finally stopped, although it seemed to take an eternity to stop.

But yeah, i never touch the stuff and i don’t think it’s good for schizophrenics.

except for cannabidiol, which has antipsychotic properties, weed is ■■■■■■■ NO for us. I know the science behind weed and psychosis and trust me it is ■■■■ NO

most of us get episodes with one inhale of weed.