Marijuana use

Do you use marijuana? I do, I shouldn’t, but I do.

Nope. Around the ■■■■ every day. Smoked every day for the better part of a decade. Eventually grew to hate the feeling/thoughts I’d get when high.

For a while it was the most blissful and pleasant thing I could do.

Now I like the reliable trustworthy state of being sober. I literally don’t think at all unless it’s something I want to think about. Pot would bring back the same old tangents I’d cycle through all day…

With the risk of voices and ■■■■. I’ll never smoke weed again.

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I use to do it for the social part but I don’t anymore because in reality I am not social at all when high… Drunk on the other hand is a whole different story.

i have recently, just makes me a space cadet for days afterwards, not worth it.

not any more… used to be fun when I was younger… but my last time nearly destabilized me… Had to start from square one in many cases.

It only made me worse in the end… my high times are over… and as a result… some of my lowest times seem to be over as well.

As you all know haha…yes, I smoke weed. gives me peace of mind. and I’m also able to share with others who really want and need it too so that makes me feel extra good about it.