What marijuana did to me

I remember when I was a kid and early teen how I was almost always happy, friendly, smiling and laughing and then the summer before my sophomore year of high school when I was 15 my friend Jared introduced me to weed in Wisconsin and it turned me into a stupid zombie. I started getting paranoid and anxious about being caught by other people and the police. I may have become delusional as well. Even though I haven’t smoked it since July or August 2014 when I was living in downtown Los Angeles I think my personality took a turn for the worse because of it. Even my dad told me years ago when I was 17 or 18 or 19 that my personality changed. I want to go back to the old me.


I became more paranoid after weed abuse too. A nurse told my mum a lot of schizophrenics are in the phyc wards because of weed

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Weed was a trigger for delusional thinking for me. Use to be just substance induced Sz now I am full blown sz

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I found, personally, that I was fine until I quit smoking it. My home life was a little strained because I was always out in the garage smoking it, but I went to work every day, my moods were more balanced and didn’t get any positive symptoms unless I smoked too much. I didn’t end up in the hospital until I quit smoking it.

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Opposite for me

same for me x mythically harmless
increases schizophrenia risk by 500%

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I had some good ol times before smoking like my childhood all the way up until i was 15 and then when i first felt high… oh man i was dieing of laughter i had good times regardless. Let me just say the fact is weed is not for everybody and not everybody who smokes it does it forever. I took breaks from it a couple times when i felt it was necessary like now, but aint no telling if ima go back to it at least smoking thc. But i cant sit here and act like i never had good times with mary jane. Although ive experinced certain things that no one should experience like sz and getting shot at, my experince with weed is definately… something i dont really regret :joy:. But like i said that stuff is not for everyone at least thc isnt for everyone. And im not trying to promote it.

It made me barricade myself in my apartment…full-on psychosis. I thought people were trying to come into my apartment. It definitely doesn’t help with my delusions. Just a bad drug for me and things are so much clearer without it.

I don’t believe all this pot bashing? I smoke it regularly and it helps with me anxiety and depression…I don’t think it causes psychosis just like all the acid I did in high school didn’t cause it either…it may “ascerbate” how quickly you get schizophrenia but it doesn’t cause it !!


Yea like i wasnt trying to promote it but at the same time that s*** aint no anti christ or anything like that. Theres people that benefit off it just like how we benefit off APs.


I was happy all the time to when I was a kid. It was people that made me change into a buzzkill or whatever. If it wasn’t for weed I prolly would have offed myself. Quitting it was a sad day for me.


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