Sleep med ideas

Hey guys, I’m meeting with psychiatrist on Monday and seeing what med for sleep to try as Seroquel has been giving me restless legs.

I took zopiclone for a few years. Good at first but starts to be less effective. Weaning off of it isn’t much fun.
Have you tried just using melatonin?

Serequel gave me rls too, I got a drug to combat the rls from my dr and it worked. Forget the name but it’s common

Have you tried Melatonin? Tylenol PM? Chamomile or sleepy time tea?


Trazadone is good.
Remeron is really good, but may cause you to gain weight.

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Trazadone gave me restless legs.

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Have you ever tried an otc like doxylamine succinate?
I get it at the supermarket, it’s an antihistamine sleep aid.
Works good when I can’t sleep.

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More commonly known under the brand name NyQuil, if you’re looking. I’ve found it to be more effective than every prescription sleep aid I’ve ever had.

So far, I’ve tried restoril, trazodone, ambien, ambien XR, hydroxyzine, and lunesta. The only one that got me more than two hours was lunesta. Mostly I just stick to NyQuil.

Benedryl will work for a while but then it wears off.

I take Lunesta. Have tried everything else. Ambien does work but gives me bad dreams.

Lunesta is my favorite drug.

My dr doesn’t allow traditional sleep meds. He gives me old school Doxepin for sleep. It helps

Yes I already use NyQuil but it gets expensive

I use Trazodone, it doesn’t knock me out or give me rls unlike literally everything else lol

What about over the counter melatonin ?

You can get doxylamine in pill form. I think it is generic unisom. It’s pretty cheap. If you take ibuprofen with it, it kicks in faster.

I use just plain old Benedryl and it works great,

Better than any prescription I’ve tried.

Waiting for the hydroxyzine to start working :expressionless:

If you get frequent RLS, have you tried magnesium? I have severe RLS, get it in my chest and arms it gets so bad, but I take 500-1000mg magnesium every night and it almost completely gets rid of it. Also, antihistamines will make RLS worse, so avoid things like Benadryl and cogentin.

I have found low dose of sedating antidepressants works well for insomnia, I have been using 12.5mg Fluvoxamine for the last 3 years.

I am an insomniac, but I take 7.5mg of Zopiclone nightly, and it works really well for me, if my brain isn’t overwhelmed and overloaded.

Ive tried a lot meds. What i take now and works is 15 mg mirtazapine + an over the counter med With melatonin and lteanin. I still have those nights when Nothing works, but thats something u have to accept.
I Think Theres plenty of meds that work if u give them time and use them correctly. My pdoc havent prescribed a benzo, which is good, Only imovane that can be habitforming.

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