Medication for sleep

Name some medication that should be prescribed to me for sleep… I haven’t slept in 4 days tonight looks like day 5. I’ve been going on with this for over 2 months now. I honestly don’t know what to do.

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Have you ever taken anything for sleep in the past? Is this a new problem over the last few months?

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Small doses of seroquel can help. Heard even puts to sleep speed freaks.

Benzo’s are good for getting you to sleep but so poor in the long run and addictive.

Things like Ambien work for some but can make you do weird stuff too…Talk to your shrink or doctor. Sleep is necessary for busy brains.

I’ve taken Trazadone but it only ended up causing more episodes. It has been a problem but my doc said there’s nothing else he can do. I just lost my job because I wasn’t sleeping

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I’ve tried seroquel and it increased my anxiety bad. My clinic won’t prescribe benzodiazepines because it’s government funded

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Are you currently taking any stimulants, like Ritalin or Adderall or Vyvanse? Maybe even Wellbutrin?

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No I am not, what are those for?

Sounds like your sensitive to things. Can you try Ambien? It can make people do weird things but it’s a sleep agent for some…I guess it’s about trying what is available. I was on xanax for ages but weaned myself off it after a gran mal. I sleep good now but I’m older and been on antipsychs for 20 years. I think I’ve evened out with those racing thoughts which aren’t so bad.

My clinic can’t prescribe Ambien because it’s addictive they will not prescribe anything that is addictive

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Never knew that about Ambien. My bad. Not really giving you much leeway.

It’s okay @rogueone you’ve always supported and helped me out!

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Typically ADHD and narcolepsy. Often they can make it harder to fall asleep.

I take hydroxyzine on occasion. It’s an antihistamine that is sometimes prescribed for anxiety, but it can also help with sleep. I think of it as kind of a super Benadryl. It’s not a controlled substance, so I wonder if your doctor would be willing to let you try it. The brand name is Vistaril.

I’ve had hydroxizine for anxiety on the highest dose and it didn’t work. Never calmed my anxiety down nor did it put me to sleep.

I’m sorry I know I sound negative but I’ve tried so many pills that I honestly don’t know what to do. And it makes it even harder when my doctor says nothing else he can do

I take clozapine to sleep. Works every time even in small dosages.

I’m taking 50 mg of Trazodone every night for sleep.

200Mg of qutapine helps me…!!!

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Maybe natural melatonin for less side effects? Or chinese traditional medicine?


You could try switching your ap to saphris, that will knock you out.

I’m not affected by sleeping pills, tried Seroquel at 900mg a night, nothing. I take 1mg xanax at 9pm, and another .5mg at 4:30am. Sleep from 8am-4pm. I can’t sleep at night, started after years of being up for 5 or so days at a time, even as a teen. High school was hard, so I drank to help in high school.

Not knowing your past, I find on really bad days a 8oz cocktail with my xanax helps me sleep better. Ambien was a ■■■■■, woke up in rural SD driving 75 on highway at 2am, no idea how long I’d been driving, but by how far I was from home, it’d been about an hour. Called my GP the next day and she took me right off it, I had only taken it for 3 says. Then Lunesta was ■■■■, trazadone nothing, tried the hydrocodone others have recommended, was so desperate for sleep in August that I took the full brand new bottle, still no sleep. So yeah, ymmv.

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