Simple things for a simple person!

Hey peeps,

Not getting through much as I used to and missing a lot of things. Still. I’m doing better than for years which I attribute to getting older and that whole diet and exercise thing.

It’s nice. I am finding I’m enjoying things a lot more and getting things done as motivation has been really good. Lots of mowing of the lawn as it’s summer and it’s raining every second day and the grass grows overnight with the high humidity. Still. I’m finding myself getting out there in the yard and doing a lot of trimming of trees and stuff. It’s noticeable that I’m doing way more than usual.

Meanwhile keeping the exercise up and doing 20 k steps a day with running and riding the bike when the weather is good. Only 3 days this year where I haven’t hit 20 k in steps/ equivalent steps so it’s good to have increased motivation…

And…been stuffing around with digital slot cars and playing guitar daily. Nice to have a hobby and back playing the electric most days when I’m not burning fingers from my cooking experiences. The slot cars is fun and has enough electronics to keep me interested. I’ve the track hooked up to a tablet so it does lap times and stuff like simulated fuel. It’s keeping me going and giving me something to do besides sit in front of the computer…

So that is most of my time these days but still finding a bit of time to play a bit of Starfield. What is a little summary of what you’ve been up too. Far too many messages to read back on these days so interested in how ya’ll are going…Anything new in your worlds?


Hi there my friend! :slight_smile:

Not much new in my neck of the woods. I’ve gained a tiny bit of winter weight so I donated some shirts that no longer fit me to a bloke in my building, and the rest to my brother and sister.

Mostly been thrift shop diving these days. I got three shirts today for only 9 US dollars which is totally crazy in a positive way if you factor in inflation and how a lot of retail companies are hiking prices up.

Jimmy is doing really well and sleeping a lot. Just cleaned out his litter tonight and gave him a little extra dry food and fresh water. We really are a good team and we seem to vibe even better now that we’re both older. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: