Keeping busy!

So really trying to do other things than sit on the computer all day. Doing ok in some areas but still find that my attention span is pretty shot these days even on the lowest clinical doses of my meds.

Still. Others do it way tougher so last week I’ve totally cleaned out my room and threw away a lot of stuff I don’t use anymore. Meanwhile I’m going to sell off some hobby stuff I got into for a bit but nowadays again not using.

I get into things for a bit but it becomes too difficult or beyond my brain to do so still trying to find a hobby that is engaging that I can get into. New plan is to do something that doesn’t really require others but is easy to master and adopt. Got a plan in action so will see how I go.

Meanwhile. Been playing guitar and exercising most days. Enjoying rocking out in the spare room with my borrowed guitar and it’s good to be back playing again. I think I would have had a ten year period without picking up a guitar. I’m surprised I can still play chords pretty well. Just shows some skills stick with you even after a long lay off.

So just an update from this side of the pond as I get through a lot less these days and the new posts are daunting there’s so many! R2 Out!


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