So. What Have You Been Up To Today?


I Woke Up Fairly Early. Said Hello To An Olde Friend. Realized The Woman In Charge Of My Housing Inspections Will Be Here Tomorrow. To Take Me Out Shopping For Home Accessories. She Probably Won’t Spend Much Time Looking To See If The Apartments Cleaning Is In Order. I Have Kept It Clean Pretty Well In These Last Two Months. Pretty Much, Almost Daily. Not To Mention We End Up Both Sitting At The Kitchen Table Talking About All Sorts Of Stuff. It’s A Great Feeling Honestly. After Spending Years Being Treated Like A Freakshow By My Family. It’s Nice To Feel Human Again. N e Hoo. I Decided To Walk To The Nearest Shop About 2 Miles Away. In Order To Pick Up Some Smokes. And An Energy Drink. The Shop Has An Area Where Those Who Work There Can Sit And Get Out From Behind The Register If It Is Quiet. I Usually Sit, Which Is Not Far From The Busy Streets And Other Shops. And Smoke A Cigarette While I Drink My Energy Drink Ferociously. It’s Nice To Watch People Doing Shazz While I Relax Among The Small Crowds. Arrived Back Home And Went To The Laundromat Within The Apartments. And Jus Finished Waiting For The Clothes To Dry. Said Hello To A Few People Doing The Same. Grabbed A Drink From The Vending Machine. As I Have A Teriyaki Soup I Got From The Shop For A Buck. Waiting For Me In The Kitchen. I Plan To Wait And Eat The Soup Thus Evening. And Oddly Enough, It Seems, The Cheaper The Food, The More I Enjoy It. Strange Reality, From A Strange Man.

Now, Here I Am!.

Whatchoo Been Up To?.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Woman Who Checks On The Apartment For Cleaning, Actually Helped Me Get The Apartment.



As I Was Waiting For My Laundry To Finish. I Sat Outside With A Smoke And Looked Around The Apartments. Said Hello To A Woman Who Was Busy Cleaning The Streets. As She Was Actually The Same Person Who Told Me The Electronic Code To Get Into The Washing Machines And Dryers. On My Very First Day At The Apartments.

Point Is, , ,

As I Was Looking Around. I Noticed Thus Beautiful Tree With Flowers I Never Seen Before. Fairly Large And Gentle. And The Birds Were Out Jus Living Comfortably.

It Really Is A Great Place For Someone Who Enjoys Nature. Plus!, I Get To See People Walking Their Pup’s. Even Seen One Today Who Looked At Me, And I Swear, Said Smiling…, ‘Thus Is SoOoOo Stupid’!.

I Laughed And Looked Away From The Person Walking The Pup.

What Can I Say…, I Get Along With Nature.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. I’m Thinking The Woman In Charge Of My Case, Knew I Would Like It Here. HMM!.



I Am Currently On My Facebook Account. Jus Posted On The Only Page I Ever Post These Days.

It’s A Spiritual Page. Religious In Nature. But!, Leans Towards A More Beautifully Futuristic Sense Of Joy. More So, To Include All Those Who Would Like To Settle In And Learn.

With, The Ability To Become Apart Of. As Freedom Of Speech Is Something Of Sincere Value.

Sadly There Are Individuals Who Seem To Think Threatening Someone Is A Better Way To Behave.

Than Actually Saying Anything. It Seems When Some Have Nothing In Their Pockets. All They Can Do Is Pull Out A Club And Laugh Maniacally To Impress The Damsels In Distress. . .

While The Damsels Don’t Realize That What They End Up Gravitating Towards Is What Is Scaring Them.

And So On. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Bloodlust Is A Horrific Tale Of Endless Cultural Hopelessness For Those Who Give Up. . . . . . .

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Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

(The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’.)

P.s. Don’t Waste Your Energy Of Indifference, Meaninglessness, And Ignorance.

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The Trip Of Another Day.

I Am Leaving To Go For A Walk To Gather Some Items.

I Need Smokes. Some Energy Drinks. And The Fresh Air Of The Universe.

There’s Many Trees Out There. And Many Bird Song’s. Alot Of Traffic. And A Hunger.

With Some Money In My Pocket.

It’s Good To Get Out And Clear Your Head From Traumatic Experiences. All It Takes Is A Little Bit Of Faith And Courage. And You’ll Be Dancing In The Moonlight In No Time.

Will Be Back With An Update On How Everything Went.

My New Therapist Snuck Away With The Faith I Have Been Gaining These Last Few Month’s.

She Used Her Education To Strap Me Down. And Try To Show The Universe I Need Her Help. Instead Of All That I Have Completed On My Own. Almost Laughing In My Face As She Was Doing It. I Shut Down And Became A Sarcastic Individual Ignoring Her Attempts.

Makes No Sense To Be Honest.

I’m Wandering.

Everyone Stay Cool (!!!).

P.s. Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Example 1.) If You Get Hit Like I Did. Seek Clarity. And Rest With The Chaos In The Universe Outside.

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<<<~@~<.><.><.>~(((~The Howling Hollow ~)))~<.><.><.>~@~)))>>>

Step 0.1) Introduce Yourself To The Grass And Plants. Psychologically.

Observation Technique 0.0.1) No One Tree Is Exactly Like The Other, In Colour Or Shape!.

No Need To Be Afraid To Give Thanks. Feel The Air. Pet The Garden. Or Consume The Gifts. Fruits?.

The Gentle River, Asking For Pebbles In The Current. To Reflect The Circle, Circling The Sky.

P.s. Step Away From The Chaos. And Find The Humble Self In Your Heart. Enjoy!.

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I Jus Got Back From The Walk. Bought Some Items.

1.) 2 Rockstar (Pure Zero Energy~ Silver Ice). & Rockstar (Samurai~ Cola).

2.) Nissin CHOW MEIN (Teriyaki Beef) & Maruchan BOWL (Hot & Spicy with Shrimp).

3.) 1 Pack Of Maverick (Menthol 100’s).

Sat Down Outside Of The Shop. Smoked A Few Smokes, & Drank A Silver Ice.

There Was A Cop Not Far Off. In An Angle Where He Could See Me Perfectly From His Window.

I Was A Straight Diangle Line From Where I Was Sitting. The Paranoia Question Asks…,

To Investigate Me?.


To Protect Me?.


Only Time Will Tell. . .

But!, On A More Professionally Serious Angle. I Had A Great Night Sleep Last Night. And Actually Slowed Down My Walk On The Way To, And From, The Shop. I Had The Plan At First To Hit The Grocery Store. But, Halfway There I Decided, Not To. No Real Reason. Mostly Laziness. N e Hoo. It Was A Pretty Good Trip. The Sun Was Nice And Warm. And The Few People That Were Passing By All Seemed To Be In Good Spirit’s. Said Hello And Kept On.

The Plan I Have For Myself Right Now Is…,


Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) (0.3) (0.4) Jan 1, 3000

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Ya’know, , ,

I Was Thinking As I Was Having A Quiet Peaceful Lunch.

Maybe My New Psychiatrist Was Playing Good Cop Bad Cop. . .

Showing Me That My Life Is Really Great Without Terrible People Around.

She…, Being The Terrible Person, Playing Bad Cop.

So Choose To Be Happy. Even If I Get Lonely Sometimes. . .

Even Though I Got To See Her Again. Maybe I Can Learn Something From Whatever It Truly Is.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) (0.3) (0.4)

Lazy Day doing Nothing but listen to Grateful Dead and walked three Miles to burn some Fat, made a Tomato Sauce with Pasta and grated Parmesan Cheese, then browsed The Forum and read about @ATARI s day

Listen to the Silence of Emptiness

Unfold your Heart in the Blanket of the Night

It may be time to go to bed i guess

And look at the Dreams and the Moon so bright


Something Seems Lacking Of Reality Here. . .

Are You Taking Your Med’s?.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Ha, ha, yes i forgot how long a mile is. I walked about 5 kilometers. And i did take my meds


That Is Great!.

Remember To Take Your Medications. If It Is Prescribed By Your Doctor, Then You’re In Good Hands.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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On The Subject Of Clinical Trials And Tribulations.

One Has To Realize That Professional Or Not, We Are All Human Being’s.

My Last Psychologist (Not The Two I Have Now), My Last One Was SUPER!.

That Woman Could Juggle 100 Thing’s At Once And Not Break A Sweat.

I Would Always Joke With Her About Her Being Mechanical. And Brag About Myself Being A Dreamer. Sarcastically Of Course. And She Would Look At Me With A Tilted Head Of, ‘You Will Pay’, With That Damn Gorgeous Smile She Had.

Point Is, , ,

My Current Phychiatrist’s Don’t Know How I Operate. If You Stick Your Chest Out At Me Like Some Kind Of Authoritative Sarcastic Benevolent Ape. I Will Stand My Ground. And Even If I’m Torn Limb From Limb, There Will Be A Remaining Shadow That Will Dance In The Moonlight.

Sadly. That’s How The World Works Sometimes Kid’s.

But!, There Is Beauty. And If You Don’t Give Up. Stand Tall During The Storms. And Fight Back With Peace, Love, And Intelligence. After The Storm Breathe’s A Sigh Of Relief. You Will Be Able To Begin On Your Journey To Give A Voice To Those Without A Voice Right Now.

It Is Possible. Dreams Are Important. And Some Therapist’s Jus Have Some Serious Personal Problems. You May Have To Remind Yourself That It Isn’t Your Fault That Some People Despise Poetic Beauty. Maybe They Were Hurt In Their Past. Still!, No Reason To Hurt You For Something Someone Else Did To Them. Don’t Make Excuses. Jus Wander Off As Soon As Possible. And Find Those Who Actually Have Their Hearts In The Right Place.


Rant Over.

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

The Orbital Compass~ ‘YouTube’. (0.1) (0.2) <—it Matters To Me—> (0.3) (0.4) Soon!.

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I can relate to that, there are too many benevolent apes around in the psychiatric system. You have a really fascinating way of writing - and my last post, was more of a homage (praise), than a joke.


I’ve Met A Few. Sadly, That Older i Become, The More I Am Assigned To Face. The Woman In Charge Of My Case Is The Boss To Everyone I Am Ordered To See At The Clinic I Attend. Now, Thus Woman Has Known Me Since I Started Going To That Clinic. Which Is Coming Up To About 8 To 9 Years Now. And She Is About To Retire. She Doesn’t Speak To Me In Ways She Speaks To Most. I Am Expected To Learn By Doing. Not In Hypothetical Terms. But!, Within The Realm Of Reality. My Lessons Are Not Easy. And It Usually Takes Me Some Thought And Time To Learn. But She Is Playing Her Cards From A Deck Of Life And Death. And She Is Trying To Set Me Up For No Chance Of Failure In The Future.

Odd To Note. The People She Sends Me To End Up Either Losing Their Jobs Or Going Somewhere Else. I Honestly Don’t Know. All I Know Is…, SHE IS WEARING ME OUT!.


I Take It As A Compliment Though. And I Gotta Be Honest, (As I Look Around My Apartment), She’s Done A Good Job At Setting Me Up In An Environment I Am Happy To Be In.

Odd Thoughts Over.

And Praise All You Want. @bluebutterfly, I Am Always Down For Praising. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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Quick Story.

I Was At The Clinic A Little While Back. And I Was Seeing A Peer Support Specialist In Group Therapy. With A Few Other Patients.

And I Was Getting Annoyed At The Way She Was Ignoring My Thoughts On Helping Those Who End Up Being Ignored While They Are Losing Their Will To Continue Trying.

And As I Was Speaking For Five Minutes On And On And On. Where I Kept Repeating, That The Patients Are Highly Important No Matter Where They Come From.

The Television Behind Her Lit Up. And It Was A Live Webcam Connecting To Our Room. Showing A Classroom Of Younger Individuals And A Doctor Or Psychologist, All Smiling As I Was Talking To The Support Specialist.

The Specialist Panicked And Quickly Walked Over To The Television And Unplugged It. Spun Around And Acted Like Nothing Happened. I Laughed And Thought, ‘Well Those People Seemed To Like My Ideas’.

I Felt Like I Won Some Sort Of Psychological Olympics.

I Don’t Think I See That Woman Anymore. I Haven’t Heard From Her In A While Now.




Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

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Gonna Take Another Trip To The Shops. . .

I Need To Grab A Spray Bottle For My Two New Plants I Have. So I Can Shower Them With Water Droplets To Mirror The Outside World, At Least Slightly.

Probably Will End Up Checking Out The Grocery Store And Maybe See If I Can Grab Some Drinks.

Not Sure. . .

Either Way, I’ll Give An Update When I Return.

Keeps It Cools (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.


Finally Made It Back!.

Hello, Women, Men, Young Adults, And Aliens!.

It Was Pretty Chilly When I First Left. Slightly Depressingly Grey And Cold. By The Time I Made It Back, The Sun Came Out And The Light Brightened The Air Happily.

Got My Spray Bottle. And Some Other Assorted Items From The Grocery Store. Some Soup. A Small Can Of Pringles. And A Pack Of Smokes. Also!, A Package Of Alto’s.

It Took Me A Minute To Get The Spray Bottle To Operate Correctly. But!, I Got It Able To Work. And Gracefully Watered My Two Plants.

I Want To Give Them Both Names.

I Plan On Studying How To Take Care Of Them The Right Way. And Keep Them Healthy.

Never Took Care Of Plants Before. It Was My Apartment Coordinator’s Idea To Go Pick Them Up.

I Was Unsure At First. Because I Really Want To Adopt A Puppy. But!, Thus Might Be A Better Way To Prepare On Taking Care Of Living Creatures. Cause A Plant Is A Creature Too (!!!).

I’m Trying To Completely Ignore The Negative Reactions People Have From My Introductions. . .

As My Last Therapist Advised, ‘Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battles So Don’t Take It Personal’.

She Was Pretty Amazing.

N e Hoo.

I Feel Better After The Walk. Even Though, I Had To Push A Bit To Shake Off The Current Past Of Hopeless Psychiatrist’s. The Sun Awoke And Blinked From The Grey Clouds And Began To Warm The Earth Here.

And People Started To Come Out of Their Caves. Some Happy. Some Sad.

Keeps It Cools (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

P.s. ‘Beach House’ Is Playing On My ‘I Heart Radio’ Station. And That Band Is Something Else.


As I Was Munching On My Soup, As A Breakfast/Lunch Speciality.

An Olde Friend From The Center Of My Heart Spoke.

She Said, , ,

Don’t Let Your Anger Control Your Thoughts And Actions

It Seems It Happens Too Many Times. To All Of Us. We Get Upset And Feel Offended. . .

The Disagreement Doesn’t End And It Jus Slowly, But!, Surely, Escalates. . .

One Person Sticks Their Chest Out Boastfully. And The Other Does The Same. . .

As It Winds Down Into Threats Of Safety, Or Future.

Or Even Worse.


Don’t Allow Your Anger To Be Your Master. 10 Tips Inside That Link (!!!).

Nothing And No One Wins At The End Of That Hopeless Carnival.

Thank You, I’ll Be Here All Week. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.

Could use your help, I’m thinking of leaving the farm because it’s stressful. Should I do that?