Working out!

I feel great tonight! I did a yoga work out and worked a lot on my belly… I’m kinda hopeful I can get rid of my belly and nothing else… I have no clue if that’ll work but hey I’m trying

I am also having a bit of trouble cooking only for myself… My fiance loves microwave food and I wanna be healthy… Tonight I over ate a bit but I think my work out made up for it!.. I hope


Sounds like a good start. It does get easier and keep in a routine. Eating healthy and trying to lose is hard but I’ve found learning some discipline and having some good routines really is helpful.

My father eats different to me and I am cooking two dinners mostly nowadays. I look after him and I try and eat healthier for me. It’s more work but I like eating. When you like eating cooking isn’t a chore. Good luck with it all.


Best of wishes Twialine…

Always good to look after oneself

Take care

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Yoga is great. I’m not good at being flexible and I struggle with balance so it’s not for me. But I’m happy for you that you can do it.

One day a week I have 1400 calories instead of 1200 and I’ve lost a lot of weight. So don’t worry about a few extra calories. Just be good the rest of the week

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@rogueone I am trying to use my mini crockpot more! Tonight I put on ground beef taco seasoning and just enough water to cover… In the morning I’ll strain the oil off of it and hopefully I will enjoy my meal… I drank two 180 calorie meal replacements this morning took my mother in law to be out to breakfast and had a fully loaded hash browns and lunch I drank another meal replacement and then my fiance wanted tater toots so I helped him eat those… I went over my calorie in take but I’ll try better tomorrow!

@anon83141956 thank you

@ZmaGal I do mostly yoga where I sit on the floor so I don’t have to be good at balance and yoga slowly makes you more and more flexible… If you do yoga that will slowly get into a harder position… Right now I’m trying to get to the point of doing the splits! My fiance has to help some but I can see progress! Another thing is if you’re asking someone to help you have to trust they will go slow and slowly relax you into the beginning position instead of just letting go… Tonight I asked him to pull my arms gently back lifting my torso off the ground a bit and had him hold while I relaxed into the stretch… It felt great! A lot of what I do I can do on my own and I try not to ask more than 3 different times for help


Sounds like a solid workout plan.

Yoga is also really good for gaining a little muscle and managing stress. :+1:

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@Montezuma. Thanks! I’m trying soooo hard


@Montezuma I can really feel the work out in my belly today… I might be sore in the morning but so with it

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Remember don’t over exert yourself. Yoga is about kindness to your body. At least from what I’ve studied about it. :slight_smile:

@Montezuma I may be calling it the wrong thing… I’m more trying to stretch a little more each day until I can do the splits… And doing a regular work out on my belly… I did such a job I sweated but I felt good about it

Hmmm yeah I’m not too sure what that type of exercise that is.

Just please be careful.

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@Montezuma. Always am! I’ve been trying for a week now… Not there yet… My knees aren’t to that point yet but I’ve got this… I guess maybe it’s more floor based gymnastics

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@Montezuma. I always wanted to either be a cheer leader or be in gymnastics… I couldn’t do either because of my thyroid (so glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore)… I guess you can say I’m doing things I always wanted to… Wish I could afford a teacher/there was one around here

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Yeah, that’s awesome. Maybe see if there’s any Yoga teachers willing to Skype or Zoom chat. :slight_smile:

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@Montezuma. … My fiance and I together are in a lot of debt … Even without mine we still have like $8k to pay… Hopeful we can have it payed for in like a year… Then mine might take another year or more (I owe over $10k by myself)

@Montezuma. I couldn’t ask him to shell out that… Although I am asking for a tattoo for my birthday but that’s a two time payment… Not a weekly/monthly payment

Oh I see. Maybe when you get your debt taken care of you can find a good online Yoga instructor.

I’m sure with covid going on there’s plenty of them out there. :mask:

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@Montezuma maybe… I am hopeful we can get a house… Right now we are upstairs to a very nice old lady… Maybe I can look up some gymnastic classes on youtube that are free?? I always find great things there and it might not be the same thing as someone live but it might help…

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@Montezuma. Btw I am hopeful I lose weight until I am a dress size 12 or smaller… I’m right now a size 16-18… Wish me luck


Good luck!! I gotta charge up my tablet. Have a good night. :slight_smile:

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