Sick of this

I feel like a prisoner in my own body. I feel like I can only feel what they make me feel. The thought of putting a bullet in my head is increasingly become a relief to me. The only relief. I’m only posting here because I have no one.


First things first. What meds are you on nowadays?

None. Thinking about starting on my Abilify again.

Meds have never brought me any lasting relief.

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Ok. What dose of abilify?

5 mg.


5mg of abilify is like being off meds. So I wouldn’t bother.

10mg is the minimum dose for schizophrenia. This is what the clinical trials say. This is what the manufacturer says.


Maybe I’ll try that today. But the meds sap my strength. Having a clear mind isn’t much worth it when I can barely move.

Abilify wasn’t really like that though idk.

I hate that I’m too afraid to kill myself. I want someone to do it for me sometime.

Those side effects can go away when your system gets used to abilify.


Well, still better than thinking about putting a bullet in your head.


Quit the self destructive talk. Fight the disease. Take a proper therapeutic dose of abilify for a few months and then report back.


It’s funny how it feels like everyone knows me somehow when I don’t even know myself.

The first days of abilify after a while not on it made me sleepy. Then it settled in. Some ppl say it’s stimulating. I think it’s just neutral in that regard.

Thank you.


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I just tried 10 mg. And scheduled with my pdoc tomorrow. Will see if it helps. Hopefully.


Your doctor gave you the all-clear to try the 10 mg?

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You just took 10 mg pills after not taking abilify in a while?

If you’re anything like me it’ll be nap time in 45 minutes, then you will wake up 3 hours later saying “dang I feel much better”

If this is the case, be weary and don’t drive or anything , just in case u react the same to abilify as I do.

@Lexicon please don’t kill yourself !! suicide is always a mistake…life will get better I promise you…please try to tell your pdoc you are suicidal so you can get some help!!


No. I gave myself the all-clear.

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10mg is the recommended starting dose of abilify for schizophrenia.

The first few weeks can be rough as your system gets used to it.

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