I am dying inside

Guys,I need to return to this forum…I am dying inside and outside,negative thoughts,not talking is getting into me its so hard now,hope it gets over fast

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I did really badly on a 5mg sub therapeutic dose of abilify too. 10mg is probably the therapeutic dose for a reason.

Beware of the Jaws of Life!


What’s the use to add on 5mg of abilify?

Bell curves. Once you get past the peak, it all works out. On some days I just say to myself “Ok, I have hit the peak of suffering, just gotta endure.” Sometimes it’s a 2-3 hour haul waiting for the peak of irritability to disappear; usually strikes in the evening for me.

Hang in there dude. If you need it the ER is open 24/7 on the weekend. also 24/7.

Did something trigger this?

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10mg is the therapeutic dose for treating schizophrenia, 5mg is meant as an add on to an antidepressant for depression . I had suicidal ideation on 5mg alone.

Welcome back bud.

How have you been? What have you been doing?


Hey, how have you been doing for the past couple of weeks?
I thought you were doing alright.
I think it’s just a minor setback, nothing to worry about…
Hang in there and you’ll get back on track with socializing.


i hope you are feeling better today. :heart:
take care :alien:

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@SoitGoes I been doing well recently,I need to believe in myself more and have more confidence

@bananatto I am doing well for the past couple of weeks.yesterday was kinda bad,it is a setback,maybe a minor one,just had to move on though

@darksith thanks,am feeling slightly better today


Im done!!! Stick a fork in me already.

Lol lol lol :laughing: you get the award for best one of day!!!