Who is on abilify 5 mg

Is anyone on this dose if so how are you coping

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Oh lol sorry I didnt realise

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But is anyone here though ?

I want to go on to this dose but I’m scared I’ll relapse is it worth it

Only because I’m getting side affects

You’ll relapse on 5mg. For sure.

10mg is the minimum dose for schizophrenia.

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I dont know though as I’m quite sensitive to meds

I hallucinated heavily on 5mg. 10mg is better, but not good enough.

I dont hallucinate or hear voices I just have delusional thinking

Is there a 7 .5mg

It takes away delusions for me

I’m just hoping it’s not schizophrenia

Could be delusional disorder

Do you think it’s worth staying on the dose I’m on 300ml of abilify maintena

I’ve heard some people using 7.5mg, but you’d need a pill cutter

I suppose so I’m just really scared of relapsing

5 mg does do something for psychosis.

However for me with time I got really stressed and the psychosis creeped up on me slowly and methodically. Same went for 10 mg and 15 mg. But this effect was even more pronounced at 5 mg.

20 mg has ALWAYS been the dose for me. Sometimes I’ve tried more, tried less. But it’s a true tell of the tale that 20 mg is perfect for me. Always has and I hope it always will.

Maybe you can get on with 5 mg. Maybe it will break you down with time.

I’d be lying if 5 mg did NOTHING for my psychosis

Although clearly was not enough for me

My .02

Yeah I suppose all I can do I really try. I’ll take my pills every day

I’m on 10mg. It is the minimum dose for schizophrenia.