Sick of being unable to control my eating

I’m so sick of it.
I either overeat or eat way too little. Today is a “way too little” day. It’s like everything starts to taste bad after a few mouthfuls and I just want to gag.
After I’ve eaten I feel nauseous like I ate too much even if I haven’t.

I’m so sick of it. Food is the most important thing, it’s literally what keeps us alive (alongside air and water, of course), so why can’t I control it?

I’m 27 years old, I’m way too old to act like such a baby regarding foods. I even almost cried after my last meal because I’m so frustrated with myself.

The staff keep asking me how they can help me, but what am I supposed to say when I don’t know, other than ‘I don’t know’? Which by the way, makes me feel useless beause I feel like I’m wasting their time :disappointed_relieved:

I’m a binge eater. Yesterday was a binge day, hopefully today won’t be. It usually feels like food runs my life, but there have been times when I own food, and that feels REALLY good.

What staff, are you a VIP or something @Berru ?

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Where have u been lion dragon long time no see…

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I was at some relatives at country side so i had no wifi lol but i’m back now hahah

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No, the staff at the hospital I’m in :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you getting enough fluids?

I get dehydrated easily,

And when I do, it makes me just nauseous enough to never want to eat again.

Sometimes, if you just make yourself drink a couple glasses of water, you’ll feel better and be able to eat again.

Oh, i’m sorry to hear that you are in a hospital… Feel better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do the same thing man. I either don’t eat at all, or overeat just alittle. That’s why I stay my same weight , cause I don’t do any excercise. I flucuate around 189 to 196 and I can go from 196 one day to 192 the next. I think it’s my shot that’s doing it, but don’t know. Most people that get the shot I do overeat all the time and gain allot of weight. I’m one of the lucky ones I guess, since I’ve been taking my shot so long

If you don’t control your eating your eating will control you


But how do I take control?

A lot of its psychology
I have same hard time with it but I don’t give up
Good days and bad days
I am not successful yet but least I keep an eye on it and don’t let it escalate out of all control

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Why don’t you make yourself or find someone to make you a meal plan? Self control can take time to grasp but as long as you keep trying, you could be proud of yourself

I’ve asked the staff to let me talk to a dietician, and I’m seeing one either tomorrow or thursday.
I’m going to ask the dietician about what a healthy portion is, and such.

Oh Berru I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. It must be just awful. I’m trying to think of ideas and the only thing I can think of is when you get home measure every thing. That way you won’t eat too much or too little. While you’re in there tell the staff who serves the food to only give you a moderate amount and try to eat just that much. Is the hospital food okay? Because I’ve had good and bad. So maybe you’re eating too much when it’s good and not eating enough when it’s bad. Which is totally understandable. I wish I could help more honey. Try to hold on a little longer. Love Tera

I believe in you that you can get this sorted with a little guidance :slight_smile: hope they let you talk to a dietician.

We have to take the food ourselves from buffets, but it tastes good usually because it’s all made in the kitchen and not the kind of food you’d associate with hospitals.

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Another thing is I’m scared of controlling the food too much, because I don’t want it to turn into an obsession, if that makes sense

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I don’t know what to say honey. Are you choosing veggies and other healthy choices?

are you open to suggestions???
not the same problem as you exactly, but my dad had diabites and had problems knowing what and how much. try these and see if they work for you???

if interested here is what we did for him:

  • packaged"weightloss" meals are not really diet foods. they are just keeping us from over eating, are healthly food, and of course convienent.
    -ice cream scoops are good portion measurement tools.
    -meat is hard to portion, but our own rule of thumb is: about 1inch thick and about the size of the persons palm is one portion.

you have probably already tried these (they are not for diabitics, just something i do) but here goes:
-drink juices, malts and shakes instead of food for a snack(blender+icecream+frozen berries/fruit+teaspoonsugar+half teaspoon vanilla flavoring) . if you are dehydrated, a couple straw berries and watermelon are great together in a blender.

-exercise greatly stimulates appatite
-i hear you say you felt sick sometimes?is this mostly in the morning? do you try to eat first thing in the morning? i have this problem too. i dont eat right away. i shower or do whatever for the first hour after i get up. and eat breakfast as late as possible. it does not completely get rid of it all the time, but it is less.

-the 16oz glass of water is drank kind of quickly before a meal. it is tool used by many to aid in feeling satisfied.(water exspands the food). i dont do this every meal, but if i know i’m feeling like i’m starving, absolutely. sometimes i will even take a few gulps while eating.

the dietician will probably give you some better tips,tricks, and hints. these maybe too basic. hope it helps?