No energy to eat

Idk what’s wrong with me man. I’ve had zero interest in food for days. I mean I make sure to eat at least a few hundred calories everyday.

But yesterday was a new kind of awful. My body finally felt hunger. But it didn’t translate in my head. For the life of me I could not pick a single meal that sounded interesting enough. I didn’t care enough to make even an easy dish like oven pizza. I spent over an hour looking at menus but I didn’t care enough to put an order through. It doesn’t make sense. I ended up eating a handful of almonds and a boiled egg just so I’d stop feeling faint.

And today I feel the same.

It’s important to get at least 1200 calories so you’ll have to force yourself. There’s probably 1000 calories in an oven pizza so maybe have that.

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It’s family sized so it definitely has enough. My worry is that I’ll cook it, have a few bites and throw it away. That’s so much food to trash.

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I thought soup would be doable as far as not wanting to spit it out, but that means taking a trip to the grocery store. I’m not ready for interactions with people now. It was a rough night between being overly tired and my first full psychotic episode in a while. The episode was mild thankfully but it certainly didn’t help.

Loss of appetite, not sleeping well and a psychotic episode? That doesn’t sound like you’re doing too well. I hope you feel better and can get to the bottom of what going on and get back on track. Please do try to eat something though so you don’t get weaker.


I hadn’t thought of these issues all together like that. I guess I am doing pretty badly. I will bring it up with my therapist.

Thank you Leaf.


You’re welcome @bittercat

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Update: I woke up this morning feeling terrible. I actually vomited bile. I thought for sure food poisoning, but turned out to just be dehydration. Luckily a friend was kind enough to drop off electrolyte drinks and saltines. Since having those I’m feeling like my body is starting to recover. I will be having a proper dinner tonight along with a tall glass of water.


I Had No Idea That Was Even Possible

Man it’s lucky you pulled out of deep dehydration without needing a fluid IV.

I had clinical dehydration as a youth, had to go hospital. I didn’t even know what was wrong, just had headaches and bad nausea.

It is and makes vomiting so much more unpleasant. 0 out of 10 would not recommend. It’s awful.

I don’t know how serious this was as I didn’t talk to any doctor but, I knew I had two choices. Immediately start putting fluids in or go to the doctor and get more sick with corona.

All things considered, it was probably sheer luck that I kept the fluids down. But I’m appreciative of it. My head is still pounding and I still feel thirsty so I am not out of the woods yet. I am just glad I don’t feel nausea anymore.

Also as I understand it, dehydration sickness in children is even more serious than in adults. If I felt like this as an adult, I cannot imagine what it would have been like to experience as a kid. It must’ve been truly awful. I’m sorry you went through that.

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Yea Well Here’s One of My Secret’s.

Throwing Up is My Kryptonite.

I Can Handle The Most Extreme Amount of Pain. From Bright Pulsing. To Sharp Metaphorical Stab.

But!, Nausea?.

In Any Shape or Form. Jus The Slight Hint of Upset Stomach, And I’m Through.

It Rarely, Rarely, Rarely Happens. Maybe Three Times My Entire Life.

But That is More Than Enough For Me, to Be Very Careful About What I Put into My Body.

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Isn’t it just the worst! I unfortunately go through it fairly often between DE and frequent migraines. I’d rather take pain over nausea like you.

Advice For Anyone Willing to Listen

Pain, Nausea, Cramp, Whatever

Are All Sign’s From Your Body

No Matter How Great, or How Small The Trouble is, or Feels Like,

Your Body is Talking to You

So Listen (!!!)… . … :100:

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Good point. I have to hey better at listening to my body. Clearly.

I have so much advice for you. Starlet deals with the same problem. He has been diagnosed with ARFID, which is a type of eating disorder. For him, when he is upset about something, his fallback in just avoiding food. He was statved for years, so he doesn’t feel hungry the way most people do. We have a strict meal plan for him. He has to have at least one food item five times a day. It might just be a single bite, but he has to have it. If he doesnt want to eat after that, we do not push him. His goal is 1500 calories, but he can’t always make that, and that is okay.

Food that is easy when you arent getting enough:
Gummy vitamins (only as directed)
Granola bar
Boost or Ensure nutrient shake
Baby food pouches
Individual bags of chips/pretzels
Fun size candy bars

The trick is to have zero effort needed. Just, his food alarm beeps, he grabs somehing at random, stuffs it down his throat, and goes back to his activity. Individually packaged things work better for him, because he doesn’t have to expend mental energy thinking about how much he wants or worrying about wasting what he doesn’t eat. Most of the food he eats can easily be consumed with one hand while he does a preferred activity. We just have a basket full of these foods so he can quick grab one and go back to his activity.

For now, dont worry about eating healthy. Just worry about eating ANYTHING. When you consistently are eating a sustainable amount, then you can worry about nutrient quality.

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Personal 1-10 Scale on What Has Been Mentioned By @ninjastar

9 (Try Not to Eat an Entire Jar at One Time) They Are Really Good.

9 (Expensive, But Very Good For You And Tastes Great).

8 (Who Doesn’t Like Bananas)

9 (Quick Snack, Always Tastes Fresh And Each One With a Type of Desert)

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Before we implemwnted this meal plan, he was getting 500-800 calories a day. Now, he gets 1200-1600. It is still not enough, but a huge improvement over what he had been getting.


I managed about 800 today. I have a feeling this is stress induced and hopefully will return to normal soon.

That said, I will be doing this until I can get back on my body’s normal rhythm. And if it doesn’t return quite as soon as I’d like then, you’ve given me the name of something is similar to what I am feeling. I can talk with my doctor about it which is huge. Thank you for sharing @ninjastar.

Question for you, does Starlet also struggle with drinking fluids? How do you handle that?

Everything sounds unappealing, even my favorites like tea and slushy water. I’ve been having popsicles to get some kind of liquid in.

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