Sick day guilt


I have a horrible migraine today, so I’ve had to take a sick day. I’m lying in bed and not doing any of the things I should be doing. I have laundry to put away, a favor to do for a friend, and homework for foster class. But instead, I’m lying around feeling bad. And then, I feel guilty for not being more productive. Does anyone else feel incredibly guilty when they’re home sick? If so, what are your tricks for working through it? I can’t imagine beating myself up about it is going to help me get better faster.


I had the flu last week,

Couldn’t take care of my mother in law,

Couldn’t even make my own meals or get water for myself.

I had to just accept that I have to be sick and wallow around in bed if I’m going to get well enough to do the things I need to do.

You just have to be sick today so that you can be more productive tomorrow.


You don’t have to feel guilty about it. There’s just no need for it. It’s not like you gave yourself a migraine so you wouldn’t have to do anything. You didn’t do anything wrong so I don’t really understand why you feel guilty, but I think it’s okay for you to rest right now. I’ve only had a migraine once that I can remember, and it was awful. You’re on geodon, right? Okay don’t take any benedryl, but maybe if you have some melatonin, take that and some ibuprofen and do your best to sleep it off. Then you can continue your daily activities once you’re awake and feeling better. That’s what I did during my migraine. I hope you feel better soon. :hugs:


Thanks, guys. I have a migraine disorder, so I’m pretty familiar with migraine protocol by now. No meds help once it’s really going, the best I can do is go to sleep until it’s over. And then, afterwards, I have migraine hangover, where I feel shaky and dizzy and can’t sleep but can’t function.

As a kid, I was constantly accused of faking sick to skip school, because my parents couldn’t believe I was really getting sick three times a week. I think I just learned to feel guilty over being sick from that.

I really showed them when they finally got me checked out eight years later and it turned out I was dying of a brain tumor the whole time!


Because of the pain, you’d be too fierce if you forced yourself to work. So, figure you’re doing the world a favor by staying away right now.


Yeah, if a child says they’re sick, it’s best to believe them. I’m that kid, the one who gets sick every 2 weeks from being around all those gross AP kids who’d come to school while still contagious. If there’s an illness around, I’ll catch it. I just don’t have a strong enough immune system to handle all that, I guess. People coughing on me, sneezing on me, not washing their hands after they use the bathroom and then touching sh it, etc.

I’m just glad your parents finally took you to the doctor. They must’ve felt awful (and rightly so); that thing was probably growing for years. You can’t just assume people are faking without first getting them checked out by a doctor. That said, I hope you got a bunch of treats and presents out of it though, lol. Who can deny a sick kid some Mike and Ikes and as many oreos as they can eat? :joy:

Anyway, it seems that this guilt was planted in you as a young child, so obviously it’s going to take a lot of work to heal from it. I’m not a therapist and I know nothing about trauma and stuff like it, so I was thinking maybe you could talk about it to your therapist or in your group? Not sure how your group works, but hopefully you can mention it there as well.

Guilt is not a fun emotion, I know. I had a ton of it with my OCD symptoms. Sometimes, it helps alert us that we’ve done something wrong, but in my experience, it’s main function is to make you feel awful about yourself. You don’t deserve to feel that way. Sometimes, we just aren’t “productive,” and that’s okay.

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Don’t feel guilty. You can’t help it. Just take care of yourself. I get migraines almost everyday. That’s one of the biggest reasons I can’t work.

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The illness will pass. For now listen to your body and give it what it needs. If it needs rest so be it. Don’t feel guilty. You need to take care of yourself so you can be healthy again. Rest!

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This is definitely a good suggestion. I’ve worked through a lot of my issues in that group. I’m sure my therapist will have plenty of good advice for me.

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I’m glad this group is helping you so much. It’s awesome to see you and others here overcoming their struggles, especially when they have a supportive treatment team and other positive relationships. :hugs:

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Yeah, group is awesome! It’s ending soon, and a few of us have decided we’re going to keep meeting up afterwards.

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That’s awesome! I’m glad you’ve made friends with some of your fellow group members! :smile:

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My sick day is over! I slept ten hours, and feel refreshed now.


I’ve just organised to have this week off. I don’t feel very well mentally. My job can be rather draining. I just need a week to recharge the ol’ batteries. But i feel guilty, boy do i feel guilty. Feel as though i’m letting the team down.


I’m bringing this back because I have a fever today. I don’t feel too bad besides the typical too hot/too cold and a bit of a headache.


I’ve been sick for about a week and feel guilty for having to constantly t ell the kids to stop doing so.e thing because my head hurts or not go on a walk.
Last night my youngest wanted me to read to her and I couldn’t because my throat hurts and I was coughing. It sucks feeling bad for being sick.

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You definitely have nothing to feel guilty about. Some people take sick days because they have a hangover or just can’t be bothered going in to work one day. I suffer from occasional migraines, so I can assure you I understand that it is simply impossible to function when stricken. Hope you feel better.

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I get misplaced guilt often, it doesn’t feel nice.
Let it go you deserve a sick day when your unwell :blush:

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I had a fever the other day too! It was bad enough that I couldn’t read while it was happening.

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I at least had a half day being productive. I didn’t start feeling bad until after lunch.