Mental health day from work

Sigh, here we go again. I was up till 2am couldn’t sleep because of the voices and shadows. Yet my alarm goes off at 5:30 so I can get up for work. I tried to get ready but honestly I couldn’t function because I was so tired. I called into work and now I’m feeling guilty for calling into work just due to lack of sleep. Should I feel guilty about this? I honestly felt like I couldn’t function. I might try to go into work soon now that I’ve slept some though.

Time to go back on meds ?

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I started back up on Geodon last week I just haven’t seen any positive changes from it yet.

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It’ll take a month or two probably. It has to build up in your system again. I wish you the best :sunny:

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If you don’t take work off a lot then it’s fine to take a mental health day

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I only take time when it’s absolutely necessary. I got forced to take two weeks off work back in October due to medication side effects. But other than that I’m a very reliable employee. At least I like to think that I am.


My husband had to have FMLA required to help me for work. My pdoc filled out that there are some weeks where up to 3-4 days a week every week for the year he has to care for me. So if he PTO or sick time, he gets paid, if not, they’re excused but unpaid. His chain of command and select coworkers know exactly why, the rest of the coworkers think it’s my physical health.

He’s had that in place everywhere he’s worked for the federal requirement of 1 year. So both the jail and then DOC here.

If you don’t have FMLA protection, and you meet it, it’s a way to take a health day without it counting against you when it comes to attendance and reviews. Etc.

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I have to take time off sometimes but it’s usually for a few weeks.

If I had not slept, I would have gone in, regretted it and left early to rest.

You did the right thing. A lot of people take time off sick too easily.

I think you’re totally fine taking the day off. Don’t worry about it

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One week is not enough.
It’s going to take at least a couple of months before the Geodon truly kicks in fully.

Good luck @Hanna_Foxx

@Wave that’s super disappointing to hear. I need positive results now or else I’m afraid I’m gonna hurt myself or someone.

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Don’t worry, it should start working even after 2 weeks but it fully kicks in after a couple of months.

Just an update for anyone who is curious I sort of slid off the deep end, ended up in the crisis center two days ago but now I’m back to myself and doing much better. Today I’m feeling like the Geodon might finally be starting to take effect, however the insomnia has hit HARD again. Tried Trazodone last night and that didn’t help. Going to talk to my Pdoc on Monday again and see if we can get an action plan together. I was all gung-ho on only being on one medication but right now I’m not so sure it’s going to work. I suppose only time will tell. I think I’m going to suggest a different sleep aid and see what he say. Possibly thinking about going back on an antidepressant again as well but I don’t want to drug myself up too much.

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That’s great news @Hanna_Foxx, glad to see you’re doing better.

Keep us updated.

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