this new forum is impossible on my phone.

i havent showered in a month.

i think im starting to smell but u get used to your own smell. i had to go to an office today and during the 5 minute convo the lady was sniffling.

i was kinda aware i smelled i think.

i just hate taking the time to shower.

anyone else? lol

I would shower if I was you.Some people can’t.YOU sound like you can.You caught his lady sniffing. Just think how people you may be affecting but aren’t telling you to your face.

Juat did shower. Gotta be 20 characters long


I some times find it difficult to shower and end up thinking about it all day and then put it down to my illness. I feel guilty when I don’t shower though

Try and work it into your routine, I can’t go more than 2-3 days without showering. I have hyperhidrosis, so I get quite paranoid about smelling. Nowhere near as bad during Winter as during Summer. :slight_smile:

When i was on high doze i wasn’t showering for a week, now i am on low doze and i am bathing 2,3 times a week. I can push myself to shower every day, but there is no need to shower every day. I don’t work or sweat.

I can’t shower at all. The sound, the feel, the temperature difference, the feeling of the water hitting me it’s all too much and feels too weird. It’s too loud, and it’s too intense. I take a lot of baths and I’m in the water almost every day since swimming is the one small joy SZ has yet to take from me. (I’m out of the water for the next two weeks until my ear infection clears up.)

I don’t know if I buy into the Negative Symptoms thing, when it comes to lack of personal hygiene.
I have to force myself to take a shower, brush my teeth, put on fresh clothes, but in the end I will manage to do these things. I attribute the lack of motivation to doing these things on the powerful meds we take. At least this is what I believe is happening to me. There was a time when I showered once a week if that, now it’s more like 3 to 4 times a week.


I can totally see i skip. But it may help to know that a hot shower before bed sometimes helps with akathesia caused by the meds. At least that’s a reason to help motivate you to shower.


For me I don’t think it’s lack of motivation or negative symptom that makes me not put on clean clothing or brush my teeth. I’m pretty disorganized. I forget. I put on dirty clothing because I see clothing, I put on clothing. I don’t think to check if it’s clean or not.

But the kid sis does tons of laundry and she’ll lay stuff out for me. I’m trying to get better about that as well. That is sort of a hit or miss if I can concentrate.

I shower/bathe twice a week. Sometimes more when I’ve been to the gym. Going to the gym keeps me clean I think. When I’m not there I don’t shower very often. Nobody has told me I smell bad.

i shower almost daily. I love wearing fresh clothes and brushing my teeth and cleaning up. sometimes I am so exhausted I don’t do the things I love like cleanliness but I succeed at it at least to the minimum./



For me, most of the time I just forget to shower. But I find it relaxing when I’m not hearing things in the sound of the water. Usually I sit in the tub and let the water rain down on me so I don’t always wash and use soap.

Like most I don’t shower regularly, twice a week maybe? Brush my teeth even less, change my clothes every couple days if I am not going anywhere but maybe my shirt every day if I am. It just doesn’t occur to me, not really a question of laziness or lack of caring it just doesn’t cross my mind to take care of myself.

I notice all the time that people react to me, most are too polite to say anything about it though. I wish I took better care of myself but the days kind of bleed together and my memory doesn’t work well. I actually like baths, laying in the water makes me feel like all these problems I have bleed out of me. like they are seeping though my skin in a black viscous ooze and polluting the water but not me anymore.

I feel like the water is kind of other-worldly or mystical. It changes things and makes me feel better but I don’t think to rest in it unless I am really upset otherwise I shower.

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I took a shower a few days ago. After a month I forced myself LOL. But its alright. I dont think I normally smell.

I intermittent fast a lot, my teeth dont build up plaque. Havent brushed in a year maybe.

I wear the same outfit every single day. Every day.

Anyways id write more but i need a cig and this forum software is tough to work with on mobile.

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That is exactly why I can still enjoy swimming. Plus I take baths all the time. This entire family has a thing about locking themselves in the bathroom for a long bath when life gets too much. My Dad was once in the bath for 5 hours. He just kept changing the water. It was after that my parents added a second bathroom to their house.

I have a very difficult time disciplining myself to shower every day because the sound of the water blocks out other sounds. I am afraid someone, or something, will come into the room. I also struggle with the feeling that I am being watched by hidden cameras.

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