Finding it hard to shower or bathe tonight

i haven’t had a shower or bath for two days and i keep walking in the bathroom to attempt it but then putting it off until after yet another cup of coffee. i am in dire need of either one but i have to force myself to do it tonight. anyone else having problems in this area?

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Yes. There was a time I would only get a bath at the end of each month.

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im wondering if it has something to do with my meds being tapered off ready to start haldol on my next appointment. or maybe its too soon to tell. i don’t know…all i know is i’m finding it difficult to get in there.

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Take the shower and then get the cup of coffee. Duality keeps us in symptoms.

i shower once a week at best so your doing great! lol

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I sometimes go three days without showering. So don’t be too hard on yourself.

i want to b clean so badly but its like im paralysed about getting in there. will force myself either tonight or tomorrow. i don’t want to b dirty. i want to b normal and shower every day or every other day and i was doing it up until recently. thanx for the support guys. xxx

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Are you medicated?..

for some reason my voices and paranoia are very bad when im in the bathroom i do not enjoy bathing anymore.

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I went three months once without showering. now I go about once a week maybe two. it just seems like too much work. and I don’t like to get naked. I just felt really unvoitvated. I had a shower today. first one in about five days. so I am getting much better.
druring one of my hospitalizations a nurse took me aside into a room and basically toldme that I was greasy looking, asked when I had showered last. I couldn’t remember. she went on to tell me that not taking care of ones daily needs such as showering, brushing teeth etc. is one of the negative symptoms of sz. and went on to tell me how important it is to take care of oneself regularly.

yeah right. she doesn’t know how hard it is and the total lack of motivation to do it in the first place and the lack of desire.

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I sometimes procrastinate shaving and cutting my hair but I shower and brush my teeth…sometimes I am sleepy and lean on the wall while showering and brushing my teeth but I still do it.

I wanted to be a Navy SEAL as a teen and would take freezing cold showers every night. In SEALs training, they make them stay in cold water for hours to make trainees drop of training, so I did it to myself to get used to it. Now I just turn the water hot and be thankful that I am mentally ill and can’t pass a psych evaluation to get into the military, lol.

I was gonna say drink coffee but it sounds like you have tried that…maybe try vitamins like Niacin and B vitamins, they make you feel more energy. My pre-workout supplements have caffeine, Niacin and B vitamins as well as NO3 (a vasodilator) and 260mg of caffeine. They wake me the f up and have me doing heavy lifting within 30 mins.

If you REALLY want to get energy, go to the drug store and buy ammonia capsules and crush one and inhale the fumes from it (theyre encased in some sort of fiber so you wont ingest it). Powerlifters do this when they do one rep maximum lifts, and it makes you really stimulated for about a minute and then youre wide awake for a while. Ammonia is also used to revive blackout drunks or KO’d boxers and football players. That’s how powerful it is. That’s super unorthodox but you will jump in the shower and scrub yourself vigorously if you do it, LOL.

Don’t listen to me… I just end up telling everyone to be like me, and I’m weird, even for a schizophrenic.

in winter i shower every two weeks, summer once a week .
i have english genetics i am allergic to water !
take care

I don’t shower at all. Showers really bug me, the noise, the feel of the water hitting me. I do take baths but for some odd reason SZ never took my love of swimming. It almost took away my ability for a bit. I had actually forgotten how to swim once in a while. But now that I’m stable, my ability has come back.
I still had my need of swimming all the way through my worst period. So even if I forget to bathe for a while, I hit the water almost everyday. Shaving is on again off again. Sometimes I’m really good about keeping myself “clean shaven” and keeping the moustache clean and neat. Other times… no luck.

I refused to shave for 6 months one. Totally looked like Moses.

Yes I’m medicated. 40mgs depixol down to 30mgs to get ready to start haldol. I’m coming down with a cold and had migraines for two weeks. I think that was the reason. I had a shower the following morning. I usually like to shower every other day. It’s when I get migraines whicch is often that I can’t stand the feel of anything on my head so water and rubbing my head is out straight away. I hate being smelly though. I’m ok for now. Gotta brush my teeth before I go to sleep tonight. Xxx